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Long Island: Dover Court

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Long Island: Dover Court

MPDP appears in jeans and a tie-dyed tank top with some colourful sparkly bits on it. She says they're in Rockville Center on Long Island. She says it's a forty-minute train ride from Manhattan, and that she's still waiting for the designers to show up. We see Vern, Edward, and Amy Wynn come out of the train station. Amy Wynn and Vern walk arm-in-arm, with Edward alongside, all three of them laughing. I realize this is the room Vern was on his way to do when I interviewed him in July.

We see the pair of homeowners with their all their kids, playing basketball in the street. Miles and Tara want their guest bedroom made over into a bedroom for their son, Quinn, who's either fifteen months old (if Vern's talking about him), or a year and a half (if you ask his mother). I don't know. Their neighbours, Ken and Jeanette want their master bedroom redone. It's a large room, with the walls covered in fussy, flowery wallpaper. There's a large bed -- looks like it's king-sized -- with an extremely ornate gold headboard. I think it's wood with an incredibly gold-toned finish on it. The floor is hardwood in a medium brown colour, with a beige area rug over it. There's a small, narrow window on one side of the bed that, combined with the ugly and obtrusive air-conditioning unit on the wall on the other side of the bed, makes that whole wall look kind of off. The bedding is a pale, icy-green damask with a coordinating bedskirt. There's an old upholstered chair with kind of a funky wing-chair shape to it, in a yellowy-green diamond-patterned fabric. On the wall opposite the end of the bed is a tall chest of drawers in a light brown wood tone. There are a couple of other small storage pieces in the room in the same finish. The style of that furniture is very, very plain, in stark contrast to the fussiness of the headboard and most of the tchotchkes. Ken says they tried to work on one wall to see if they could subdue the wallpaper somewhat. That wall looks like it has some kind of watery white glaze over it. It's no better that way. They weren't thrilled with the outcome and gave up and moved on to other rooms. Jeanette says that they need some kind of style or direction; they have none. She says she's not a big fan of the "Asian influence"; she doesn't want a bright red room with black furniture. Ken says it took them forever to buy furniture, and that it was a big ordeal. They were very excited about finally doing that, but Ken says it still didn't establish any direction. They're really excited about having someone come in who's got an actual game plan.

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