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Los Angeles: Irving Street

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Los Angeles: Irving Street

The room is not as bad as I thought it would be, but I don't think it's great, either. The stained stuff looks crappy. The furniture arrangement isn't particularly different, though the reorientation of the sofa adds to the perception that the room is longer. I like that it's less cluttered, and I like the silver accents. Don't care for the greenish-vanilla colour on the walls or the chartreuse on the woodwork. Don't like the fabric combinations in the pillows. The black curtains just call way too much attention to themselves and really ruin the effect of the room. Just a few black accents would have bene plenty. I wish the entertainment unit were more like the one Ty built for Frank's room. The muslin slipcover will last a good long time so long as no one ever sits in that chair. It's an okay room. Not Gen's best, but not dreadful.

MPDP says, "You gave her green." Gen says it's kind of green; she says she knows Robin likes green (I noticed her kitchen was green), but that she doesn't know if Robin wants it in her living room. MPDP says that the actual green elements are just accents. She says that the orchids led them through the colour scheme -- she doesn't like to do theme rooms, but the orchids were an inspirational point. MPDP says the shelves are great. Gen says she didn't want to put everything back, so she picked the most important things (i.e. the things that looked the best on the shelves) and used those to create kind of a "shrine." She says she wanted the room to feel open, airy, light, tall, and kind of ethereal. Then why the black curtains? They kind of work against the effect she claims to be going for. They talk about the molding and the beautiful coving in California homes. They agree that the room looks much taller. MPDP says Gen spent $994.15. Gen's very pleased with herself and says to the camera, "You better love this, Robin. You better love this."

Fast-forward sequence. MPDP's got each of them in a death grip and wonders why Josh is so nervous. He says, "I want it to be good for Robin." She lets them open their eyes. Robin looks around, gasps sharply, and says, "Wow!" Immediately, I suspect her of laying it on a little too thick. Josh says he likes it. Robin says she loves the green, though she thought she didn't want green. She adds that she's amazed. Josh makes approving sounds. Robin notices that her dining-room table is now her coffee table, and that she has a new dining room table. Although Gen dissed Robin's old table as child-sized, the new one seems only slightly larger. Robin notices the new chairs and plants. A shot of the "entertainment centre" shows that there are sloppy piles of paperbacks underneath it, stacked willy-nilly. That looks terrible. Robin says she loves the room, and that it looks twice the size, really long: "Genevieve got it. She nailed it." Josh tells Robin that it gives her a reason to have another party. They call in Jason and Michelle, and they all hug each other and chat ever so briefly before MPDP signs off. That was one of the shortest HO post-reveal collisions ever. Too bad I couldn't say the same about the show. This show is starting to make the Jesus throw cry.

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