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Los Angeles: Irving Street

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Los Angeles: Irving Street

As the white paint goes on over the yellow, you can see that the texture of the wall looks like it has lots of really sloppy, shallow repairs with joint compound. Or is this just another one of these corner-cutting wall finishes? Either way: yuck. Gen asks if Jason and Michelle think Robin will like the room. Jason thinks she will. Gen says they've still "got some sun colours going on here, 'cause [she] knows that that's [Robin's] thing." I don't know how white, green, and black qualify as "sun colours." Guess I'm just crazy that way. Gen asks whether Jason is nervous about having Frank in his apartment. Jason says he was before he met Frank. What he doesn't add: "Now I'm terrified."

MPDP remarks on Frank's "rebelliousness," telling him he will have to answer to a "higher authority" at some point. What, the Jesus throw? MPDP sticks her hand way up in the air -- which pulls her shirt up to her ribs on that side -- yelling, "Me! Me!" She adds, "Look how authoritative I am right now!" Yes, very much so, with half your midriff showing. I'm more a-scared of the Jesus throw. Shut up, MPDP.

Jason's not afraid Frank will put chickens in his apartment, but sheep. Jason: "Keep the livestock out of my living room and we'll be fine." A good general policy, I find.

Frank and his team scurry through the rain into the back of a truck rented to create some more indoor space for storage and work. I'm sure this is the sort of shoot that makes the producers not want to do apartments or condos. Between the small apartments and the unavailability of outdoor space due to the weather, it's probably a miracle anything gets done.

Gen asks Jason what sort of stuff he wants built for his place. He wants a bar and seating. Gen asks if he really thinks Frank would make a bar. Jason, sounding kind of whiny: "I don't know." Why wouldn't he?

Frank tells his team they're going to assemble furniture in the truck.

MPDP is in Robin's apartment, where the walls are now white and the trim is being painted chartreuse. Gen says she was always planning to paint the trim, but that the colour was to be determined.

Frank asks Robin what the worst-case scenario would be for her apartment. Josh laughs wickedly. Frank: "I think Josh has got an idea."

Gen's still trying to convince Jason that Frank is going to ruin his place. She says that Frank likes really wide wallpaper borders, and that he likes to do them over "bevelled" ceilings. MPDP says that Frank loves sheep. Jason asks why she keeps saying that. Gen and MPDP making baa-ing sounds at Jason. Gen's left sleeve is losing its battle with gravity. Is there any way to get Gen on What Not To Wear? I'd love to see her tangle with Wayne and Stacy.

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