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Los Angeles: Irving Street

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Los Angeles: Irving Street

Gen: "And I brought my favourite thing: moss." She's got a bunch of it to put around the tops of the pots. They laugh about how crooked Michelle's orchid is.

MPDP traipses into Jason's bedroom, dripping wet. Frank's stuffing pillows there. He apologizes for taking over "her room," joking that he thought a star of her calibre would have something a little nicer.

Gen and Jason are in Sewing World. I can't figure out where they are; it's an apartment like Jason's and Robin's, but with a different style fireplace than Jason has, and on the opposite wall. I suspect they must have begged one of their neighbours for space. Gen shows Jason a square pillow cover she's made from the olive and café-au-lait fabrics in four alternating triangles. He declares them "bad-ass." He loves the fabrics. I'm not loving them together. She says the fabrics were "rem-a-nants," and that the olive fabric was $8 per yard marked down from $45. She gives him some sewing instructions for a different pillow.

MPDP offers to help Frank stuff pillows, while she regales Frank with tales of Ty's disaster area.

Gen ribs Jason about his sewing skills or lack thereof.

Josh helps Ty with the entertainment centre. He seems to be in a totally different, much drier, and much brighter space.

Gen teaches Jason to use a sewing machine, using the car-driving metaphor.

Josh and Ty knock stuff into place.

Jason has sewn his first pillow.

Frank and his team are going to create a painting -- to supplant Jason's interesting collection of photographs and art -- with string. Frank talks about how modern art is often criticized with remarks like, "My kid could do that." He declares that this is just the effect he's going for. Well, I guess that's better than pretentiously aping works by the greats. I really don't know anymore. God, is this season over yet?

Gen calls her team over to start working on some art project.

Frank and his team dip string in black paint. Robin seems squicked by the whole process.

Gen shows some of the framed photographs and art Robin had "strewn about" her place. She holds up one -- a black and white image of a hunter crouching next to a deer he apparently just killed, holding it by the antlers -- and says, "I love this one. This one is so pretty." Yeah, pretty. I wonder what things are like on Gen's home planet? We know the sun must be either green, white, or black. Maybe all three! Michelle murmurs that the picture is sad, referring to the "dead deer." Gen acknowledges this but says, "But, you know, happy guy." Shut up, Gen. She keeps spreading out the stuff and says that she thought they could blow the stuff up and make a triptych, since Robin's into religious iconography.

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