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Los Angeles: Irving Street

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Los Angeles: Irving Street

Having plopped string dripping with black paint all over a large sheet of white paper, Frank takes another sheet and presses it on top of the first one. They smooth it down and hold it in place while they pull the string out.

Jason tries to steer Gen toward using some of the images with the warm colours Robin loves.

Frank lifts the top sheet, and there's a smeary, stringy black mess on the paper. He says that now they have a brilliant piece of modern art for the wall. Robin says, "It's kind of like an adult Spirograph." Professor Frink sneers: "Except it sucks. And it has no geometric quality whatsoever. And it's wrong in every other way, too." Geez. Don't get between him and his Spirograph.

Gen settles on three images she wants to use. It's like, a couple of sunsets or something and a postcard of some mariachi guys or gangsters or something on the beach. I'm really struggling to care. Gen and her team discuss picture orientation.

Frank comes into Ty's work area in a sort of hunched-over, Igor kind of walk. Ty's working on the bar. He wonders what's wrong with Frank. Frank replies, "Wainy weather makes me weiwd." Ty laughs. Frank repeats his statement.

Gen and Jason are working on slipcovering a dark green wing chair that's seen better days. She says they're going to use muslin, because they can't afford a "real, strong upholstery fabric." Hey, why not just use tissue paper? Super-cheap, and only slightly less durable.

Frank keeps up the Igor posture as Ty shows off the bar. Frank loves it. Ty wonders if Frank's tried yoga or stretching for his "problem." Frank repeats that he doesn't like rainy weather. I'm guessing he must have arthritis and that it's acting up on him. Maybe he really can't control his arms.

Gen shows Jason how to pin the slipcover.

Ty finishes Gen's dining-room table. He bellows this fact to no one in particular.

Frank shows his team what to do with the front of the bar. He wants to tape off the lower triangle on the front and paint it black; the rest will be stained -- thus accentuating the "diver down" motif.

MPDP shows up in time for Gen to assign homework to her team. They're perched on the tables Ty's made. MPDP leans across the dining-room table to say that it's nice, learning in the process that it's also wet. Gen puts some cans of stain on the tables. Well, as if the staining jobs on this show aren't usually crappy enough, there's nothing like slapping some stain onto wet wood. She says they have to wait for it to dry. That will probably take a fair bit of time. Gen says that their homework is to stain the two pieces and touch up the chartreuse paint on the trim.

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