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Los Angeles: Irving Street

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Los Angeles: Irving Street

Frank says that when the TV stand arrives, they're to polyurethane that piece, too. That's their homework: the bar and the TV stand. Robin says she thinks they rocked today. Josh and Robin make the rock'n'roll "devil sign" with their fingers. Frank says he can't do that because of his arthritis. Frank does the Igor routine as he leaves.

Gen tells her team to have fun while she's gone.

Day Two. It's sunny. Ty and MPDP wheel a big plastic garbage can full of water and scrap wood to the curb and dump it. That garbage can must gave been right under the tarp when Ty broke it, because there's no way that much rain naturally fell into that can yesterday. The entire neighbourhood would have floated away.

Frank arrives and finds Josh tending bar behind the finished piece. He offers Frank some orange juice. Frank notes the finished entertainment unit and the fact that they cleaned the floor.

Jason and Michelle are sitting on the "entertainment centre," which is really just a bench -- a board on four legs. There are no shelves or cubbyholes or anything to put books and other media. Not neatly, anyway. Gen comes in, skipping, bouncing, and flailing with excitement. She's squealing unintelligibly. Finally, she settles down enough that I can tell what she's saying. She's happy about the weather, and that they can work outside today. She says that the tables look good and the trim looks wonderful: "She better appreciate that."

Frank says that they have to sweep the floor, put up drapes, hang art, bring in the sofa and chairs, put down the rug, and put the bar where it belongs.

Gen says that they have to do the moldings today, put another couple of coats of stain on the tables, hang up shelves, and clean the place up.

Frank and his team are standing in front of a new sofa wrapped in plastic. He says he's over budget and he doesn't care. He goes on and on about it.

Gen and Jason are working on framing the pictures she blew up. She did them in black and white, completely obviating Jason's efforts to get some oranges and yellows into the room. They agree that the pictures look cooler in black and white.

Frank and his team are popping bubble wrap. MPDP joins in. She's overjoyed that they're so far along in the process. Frank holds up a vase and says, "Before you get all excited, you need to put money in this tip jar. How much cash you got on you? And I'll take an IOU." MPDP looks unimpressed.

Gen and Jason are still debating over pictures. I'm still checking the tape counter every seventeen seconds to see how much of this I've got left.

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