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Maine: George Street

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Maine: George Street

MPDP appears in black jeans and turtleneck and a yellow jacket. Vern uses this as inspiration for his colour scheme in the following episode. She announces that they are north of Portland in the state of Maine, and then there are some "state" and "main" puns. We see Gen and Doug in front of a fish and seafood store; Gen's prancing along when Doug comes scampering up behind her, slipping and sliding on the wet sidewalk and grabbing her waist, causing her to miss her footing, too. Gen giggles. The next shot is Ty in some kind of grey and yellow jumpsuit, wrestling one live lobster out of a big netful and trying to stuff it down the front of the hipwaders Gen's wearing. Doug does likewise. Gen tries to fend them off, giggling. Ty holds a lobster above his head and dangles it down his piehole, while Gen pretends to catch Ty with the net.

There's a shot of two couples, probably in their fifties, playing cards. The two women are sisters who live next door to each other, each with her husband. MPDP says that the task today is to "take the kitsch out of their kitchens." So even if we didn't already know who the designers were, we'd have to assume Frank was not among them, since his specialty is putting the kitsch in.

Steve and Joyce want to add colour to their kitchen, which is about 75% wood, and all more or less the same tone and colour of wood, too. There's so little contrast that there's no relief for the eye. Joyce and Steve also want more storage. There are lots of wood cabinets, a round wooden table and captain's chairs, and a wall of diagonal wood panelling. In front of that wall, there's a small wooden hutch placed off-centre, beside an off-centre red brick chimney (just a chimney, no fireplace). A mass of baskets hangs in the window above the sink, except that they're there in some shots and not in others. What's with that? The appliances are white and placed next to each other on the wall opposite the chimney. Joyce says that she'd like to have a pantry cabinet on the panelled wall so that she'll have more storage, since she doesn't have much cupboard space. She says that the cabinets are birch, that she would like to see them painted out, and that she is open to a new countertop. Steve also wants to see the chimney covered up somehow; he never liked it. He wants the hutch gone, too. Joyce likes it; it was her mother's. She says that nothing has been done to the house since it was built in the '70s, except for the new wallpaper, but even that's ten years old now. There's a shot of the wallpaper; it's some small, insipid pattern -- looks like leaves. Steve says he's "really into neutral colours" which are easy on his eyes, not bright colours. He adds, "But being [sic] Doug is designing this...who knows?"

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