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Maine: Joseph Drive

MPDP welcomes us to the show while standing in front of the lighthouse at Penobscot Bay, Maine. MPDP has a new haircut and a new hair color -- it's much shorter and blonder. I'm glad she got rid of the flippy wings, but the camera is way too close to her face and it makes her look really puffy and older than she actually is. I think MPDP has a pretty face, but this camera angle is just...blech. Plus, her new hairstyle has these Carol Brady wisps in front of her ears that just aren't working for me. MPDP tells us that they are in Portland, Maine, "where the lobsters are fresh and the lighthouses are abundant." Cut to Laurie and Frank at some sort of street mall. Laurie is very, very pregnant. Ty is also there, goofing off. MPDP makes some unfortunate ship and fog references.

The first team consists of a mother and teenaged daughter: Lori and Nicole. They seem a lot more normal than the Long Island Lolitas, thank God. They want to redo Lori's bedroom. Lori says they've lived in the house for two years, and that she's redone every room in the house but that one. It's a plain bedroom; nothing fancy. The bedding and curtains are a bright yellow floral pattern. The room as a whole has a very J.C. Penney Design Studio feel. Nice, but blah. Nicole says that they want an island-type atmostphere. Lori adds that it gets dark early in Maine for much of the year, so she'd like a bedroom that's...oh, dear God. What was that? Lori has her television on this brass monstrosity. The best way I can think of to describe it is that it looks like the pipes in a pipe organ. With a television precariously balanced on top. The hell? Nicole says that while rich fabrics are nice, they wouldn't be good in Maine because it would be dark and depressing. As a segue to meeting the other pair, Nicole and Lori say that his bedroom is barren.

Cut to the other pair: two friends named Ed and Angelica. Ed wants to redo his bedroom. Angelica says that Ed needs to loosen up. Ed says that his bedroom is his bachelor pad. Ed seems to live a bit of a spartan existence. His furniture is nice -- Mission-style wood for the most part. But it is fairly streamlined, and not in a good way. It just looks like he bought the whole bedroom set from the store and plopped it down in his room and was finished with it. Ed says that he likes natural wood, and Angelica says that he has too much wood in the room. I don't think it's a case of too much wood so much as not enough anything else. Ed says that he'd like the room to be rich and warm. Angelica brings up "the babes," and Ed jokes that he'd like to be able to pick up women by asking them if they want to see his Trading Spaces bedroom. Sadly, I think that would work on some people. You can totally tell this is a guy's bedroom, because even when he knew it was going to be on television, he didn't add in any extra pillows on the bed to make it look nicer. He's just got the two flat pillows he uses to sleep at night. Most women would want to add at least two other pillows and a couple of throw pillows for good measure. Not to be all Men are From Mars about it or anything. Angelica explains that the two know each other through Lori. I get the feeling that Lori and Angelica wanted to be on the show, but Angelica doesn't live close enough to Lori or doesn't have a house, so they somehow conned Ed into doing it. Angelica adds that Lori's television stand has got to go. Testify, sister.

During the key swap, some bullfrogs are croaking. MPDP has never heard that before, so she's freaked out about it. I, on the other hand, hear that noise every night from my deck, because I live in the boonies. That, and the peepers. Anyway, keys are swapped.

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