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Miami: Miami Place

Shout-outs to Vel and Siege Perilous; props to avocato.

MPDP sashays slowly toward the camera wearing jeans and a sleeveless brown t-shirt. They're in Miami. Heat-related clichés, and then we cut to the HOs playing pinball. There's a younger couple, John and Veronica, and a somewhat older couple, Gerald and Ann. Gerald obviously borrowed one of Frank's shirts for this scene. It's orange and yellow and white with a busy black line image all over it. John and Veronica want their living room redone. Gerald and Ann want their very big family room redecorated. (All the homeowners are African-American. I mention it only because it's still relatively unusual on this show.)

Ty comes skateboarding down a sidewalk, past Hildi and Laurie at an outdoor café, and manages to stop and turn around without completely wiping out. Well, I should talk. I'm sure he's better at it than I am. We see John and Veronica's living room, which is one of those awkward rooms designed to suit the needs of the builder more than the needs of the inhabitants. It's a long narrow room, which makes an L-shape with the kitchen next to it. The tile of the hallway veers to the right and cuts into the room as it separates the living room from the kitchen, making it even harder to arrange furniture because of the wonky flooring. There's a small, round, bright yellow hunk of countertop that is jutting out of the kitchen. Geez, that's not too hard to work with. It's really great the way it just sticks out into the living room a big slab of bright yellow countertop. Yeah, I got no simile here at all. The walls (painted panelling) and carpet are beige. There's a smooshy-looking shell pink leather sofa at the back of the room. A few feet in front of that -- and I do mean "in front" -- is a somewhat less smooshy-looking black leather chair. On the left-hand side of the room as you face in from the hallway, there's a black futon on a black tubular frame, in front of the window. At the far end of the room is an entertainment unit containing a fairly big TV. The unit is next to a doorway where the hall continues. They've got the usual ceiling fan. Is it just me, or is this yet another example of really poor design? The traffic pattern goes right through the room in a way that makes it even more difficult than it already is to arrange furniture. You can't put anything along the wall to the right, either, since there are two other doors there. It's just a terrible layout.

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