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Miami: Miami Place

Hildi's team has started putting the black circles over the white ones. The black looks kind of sketchy. Hildi asks if they can handle this for homework. They have to finish painting the wall that Ty's repaired, and then finish replicating the print all over the walls. There's apparently some metallic paint involved in this wall treatment as well. Man, it's a good thing there are a lot of doors and windows in this room. This is plenty labour-intensive as it is. Hildi warns them that they have a ton of work to do tomorrow; she had hoped to get the carpet down today, but of course, with all the other stuff they had to do, they're running behind.

Laurie asks her team to take some screw hook out of the ceiling so they can put the light fixture up immediately the next day.

Day Two. Hildi arrives, already having been called that morning by her team to be advised that things weren't working out as planned. It looks to me like it's what they were supposed to do. I mean, the Smeary-Os (tm Siege Perilous) are very sketchy, as I said, but that's because they're doing sponge prints. What would be a lot better (though more expensive and harder to fabricate) are rubber stamps that would give a more solid impression. So what Hildi suggests is that they take a brush and trace the outline of the black circles with the metallic paint. Hey, that shouldn't take too long. There are probably only two or three hundred circles to do. She says that if you look at the print, the metallic is just inside the black.

Ann and Gerald are sitting outside. Ann says she's pumped up. Laurie arrives with some pastries, and says that she's presenting them in good faith that everything in the room is going to look amazing. She hasn't seen it yet. They say it looks great, they finished all their homework, and sat down to dinner by 7:30. Laurie complains that they made it to bed before she did. She trills: "We still have a list a mi-i-i-i-le long!"

Hildi asks her team to finish the circles, saying they still have to hang the curtains and the new blinds. Once they've finished painting, they have to clear out the room completely so they can put the carpet down. They admire the newly repaired wall.

Gerald and Ann apply the thin strip of molding to the ceiling. Gerald and Laurie joke about how cool he looks in his safety glasses. Ann says it's his moment. Gerald: "Hey, I told you I was a star." Ann: "Pee-wee's Big Adventure?" Gerald: "Watch out, now!" Ann and Laurie laugh. Gerald: "Watch out!'

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