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Miami: Miami Place

Hildi trims some carpet in the corner. It's kind of a sisal-y looking carpet. Looks pretty decent. She says the other half of the carpet might be a little harder to install, because the room's about 22' wide, so they'll have to cut some off. So the room must be about 22' x 23'. That means I wasn't too far off. But it also means the room is more of a square and not a rectangle, as I had thought.

Ann and Laurie are recovering the futon with some solid orange fabric when MPDP arrives. Laurie says they created a new cushion by taking the existing futon mattress and folding it over. She and Ann seem to be struggling to pull the envelope of fabric closed around it, and MPDP wonders if Laurie has enough fabric: "You're supposed to save money on the dollar per yard, not the number of yards." She's telling the woman who likes to spend upwards of $40 a yard on fabric. They flip it over so we can see how far short of the mark it's falling. Laurie says they might have to take the layer of batting out.

Hildi's outside discovering that Ty is just finishing the first pie piece. She looks at her watch and says, "'ve been at Laurie's house a whole lot, haven't you?" He says he has. But come on, he spent a lot of time repairing that wall for Hildi, too. I think he's genuinely been working very hard on this episode; there doesn't seem to have been much time for the usual hysterics and dramatics and goofing around and camera-whoring. Hildi says they've got the carpet in and are just waiting for this unit.

Laurie and MPDP are in Sewing World, and Laurie reiterates that the pillow fabric is the inspiration for the entire room. And that's different from the last ten rooms she's done, how, exactly? On the other hand, it seems to be a more useful and reliable source of inspiration than, say, your soup. Or your foot. Or whatever the cat left on your porch. She says she found it in her travels and there was only one yard of it. So they've just used it for the front of the pillows and another fabric for the back. MPDP and Ann don't care anymore; they just want to stuff the pillows and get the hell home.

Ty brings in a second piece of Hildi's pie. He says he's going to try to get a third one completed, but that he doesn't know if he'll get the fourth one done. Well, that kinda sucks, taking away, as it does, from the whole circle motif extravaganza. And they still have to prime and paint these things. How on earth can they ever get that done and have things dry enough to put the books and TV and all that back? Hildi says, "If I thought I was only gonna get three, I would have made them in thirds." Ty says that somebody must have eaten the other piece. Man, where is MPDP? Shouldn't she be here, bugging out like nobody's business? Day Two must be almost over.

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