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Miami: Miami Place

John and Veronica say they need a lot of help. They know it's a very mismatched, haphazard room and they want it to look nice and more coherent. There are shots of eagle and angel pictures and gewgaws; Veronica says that they already have an eagle theme (an eagle theme?), but that they don't have a colour scheme. Veronica says they would be very upset if they came back to dark walls. John agrees: dark walls are the #1 no-no. Veronica also doesn't want "pastel bright colours." John cites pink and mint green as yucky colours. Veronica says it has to blend well with the kitchen. So...yellow and white? Orange, maybe? I think I have just the designer for you, guys. It's a long shot, but I think we can convince her to work with those colours. Veronica wants something comfortable and not too stuffy, but nice.

Gerald and Ann have a very big family room which doubles as a classroom for their homeschooled kids. It's a rectangular room with white walls and ceiling and a grey rug that covers about two-thirds of what I think is a concrete floor. It's filled with all kinds of bookshelves, storage units, little tables, various types of chairs, a sofa, a desk with computer, an easel with a small chalkboard on it, a pinball machine, an arcade game, and an exercise machine. That's what I can make out of the clutter. There's still more. There are French doors at one end of the room. One wall of windows is covered with vertical blinds; the windows on the other side have white lace curtains. There's also a sort of window (with crossbars, not just a passthrough) between this room and the kitchen, which has a shallow ledge on it on the family room side that is maybe supposed to be some kind of little breakfast bar? I don't know. Ann says that the room is not very conducive to adults relaxing in it anymore because the kids have taken it over. She would like to see lots of storage and wall units to try to control the clutter. Gerald wants to have to wear sunglasses when he comes back into the room. Be careful what you wish for. Ann says Hildi was not her first choice; in fact, she was her last choice. "I think she already understands that we don't want anything on the walls except paint." Ann, you had me at "Hello." I wonder how, exactly, she got that across to Hildi.

Key swap. The guys bust out cans of Silly String.

John and Veronica run into their neighbours' house, which is white brick with pink shutters, doors, mailbox, and porch. I'm sure that's quite mundane for Florida, but where I come from, that'd get your kids beat up. Regularly. Veronica and John find Hildi watching Ty taking some kind of laminate off the wall beneath the long stretch of windows. Behind the laminate (which is not a wall surface, people...please stop doing that. I can't believe the crappy excuses for repairs and interior decorating Frink and I are seeing on our househunting trips), the wall is severely water-damaged. While Ty rips off the laminate and investigates the extent of water damage, Hildi hugs her HOs and asks them what they want to do in the room. Veronica says they need window treatments, storage, and better organization. John wants bright colours. Hildi says she really wants to organize the room and divide it in a functional way. She says Gerald and Ann are getting a new floor and some kind of "fun, circular treatment" on the walls. Okay. She makes it clear that they all have two very long days ahead of them. They start clearing the room. My God, it'll take the better part of two days just to unload this room.

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