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Miami: Miami Place

Fast-forward sequence, and then MPDP nudges Ann and Gerald into place. Ann tells Gerald to go first. He opens his eyes, looks around, gives kind of an enthusiastic belly laugh, and says, "Wait a minute, wait a minute..." He pulls his safety glasses down, saying, "I need my glasses." He smiles. Ann finally looks: "This is awesome! Thank you, Lord! This is so good! Oh, man, look at that! This is out of...oh man, Hildi's the greatest!" I think she likes the room. "Look at the walls, Gerald! Look at the walls!" MPDP is starting her travelogue through the room; Ann says she can't believe it, and that she's going to cry. She keeps going on about how awesome it is, while MPDP explains the missing piece of pie. Gerald notices that the wall's been fixed. They both think it's absolutely fantastic. John and Veronica come sneaking in behind them, and Veronica screeches and hugs Ann. John and Gerald embrace. The women shout about how much they love their rooms. I hear Veronica say her room is pastel but that it blends with the kitchen. Ann yells, "Where is Hildi? Bring her, now!" Gerald says he wants to give Hildi a hug. Ann and Veronica chant, "We want Hildi! We want Hildi!" People aren't usually shouting that in a happy way. MPDP thanks everyone and signs off.

The outtakes include John in Carpentry World, in safety glasses, doing his best Stevie Wonder impression: "Very superstitious...hanging on the wall..." And there's a shot of MPDP doing a walking handstand. Pretty impressive. But I've been doing assisted handstands in yoga class, and maybe I'll be able to do a walking one soon. (Sure, and any day now, I'll be able to fit into a pair of Hildi's jeans, too.)

All right. Bring me the head of Andy Dick!

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