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Miami: Miami Place

Ann and Gerald find Laurie puzzling over the "plethora" of eagles. You just know those birds are Kentucky Fried Tchotchkes under Laurie's management. Laurie looks great, by the way -- very fit in slim black pants and an off-the-shoulder black top. Mind you, she looks more like she's going on a date than renovating, but you know...practicality, shmacticality. She doesn't paint if she can help it, anyway. Ann says the room needs some colour. Laurie agrees. Gerald says Veronica and John are a young couple, and very conservative. He waves a finger at Laurie, saying they don't want a lot of pastel colours. Dude, that's not Frank you're talking to. Unless they hate orange and yellow, you have no worries. Laurie says one of the most pressing problems in the room is the lack of any seating arrangement. They're going to fix that. I can't wait to see how. I'm having trouble imagining any kind of workable arrangement for this room with this furniture. She says they're going to conceal the "mammoth-size" TV -- which is big, but it's just average for this show. There have been several TVs much larger than that. Gerald's all, "Not the TV...not the TV." They're changing the window treatments, the walls, the ceiling, the floor, and the lighting. They clear the room.

Ty calls Hildi over to the damaged wall, telling her it's a serious situation. He's ripped out a large chunk of it, which was falling apart anyway, and wants her to see what's going on. Hildi comes over, as does MPDP -- looking genuinely alarmed. MPDP asks Ty, "Did you do this? This is water!" Ty: "Yeah, yeah, I did, I've been secretly injecting water into the..." MPDP explains she thought he was only removing the laminate. Yes, but that's uncovered this horrible mess that was never properly repaired. What are they supposed to do, tack the laminate back up? Gotta fix it. Ty explains he's got to put some new strips of wood in behind there so that he's got something to nail stuff to, and then put new drywall up there. Ty thinks that's their best bet. He says he can't just put luaun up there and try to hide it. Wait, isn't this Trading Spaces? He's going to try to repair it. And suddenly I'm recapping This Old House. Actually, I think he's doing the right thing. No, it shouldn't have been their responsibility, but what option do they have? MPDP's face is all furrowed up in her best imitation of 24's Kate: you can tell her brain is going "Time! Money! Disaster! Aaauugh! Who can I trust?" If only Kiefer would kick the door in and save them all from the horrors of half-assed home repairs. Mmm, Kiefer...

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