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Oh, all right. Laurie's going to reveal her colour scheme. You'd really rather hear about this than Kiefer Sutherland? No, me neither, but I have a job to do. And it's not Gustave's. Laurie performs a "magic trick" and, having balled up a piece of fabric in her palms, tosses it in the air where it lands in front of her team with a resounding "whatever." They say they like it. Gerald doesn't think John will. Ann assures Laurie that John will like it. It's a square of soft yellow fabric with a pattern of randomly placed squarish shapes of a brownish orange and sagey green. It's got that retro vibe going on that Laurie loves. I've never seen anyone ferret out so many different fabrics incorporating yellow/orange/green/brown in my life. I would have thought she's used every last one ever woven by now. She must have a time machine. Honestly, I like Laurie's work, for the most part, I like Laurie, and I generally like those colours -- especially the greens (my living room furniture, one bathroom, one hallway, and Frink's office are all various shades of light olive-y or grey-greens) but give it a rest, already. The people who don't like that colour range are going insane and those of us who do are getting pretty tired of it. Laurie says she knows that John and Veronica love earth tones, but that she's trying to bring some colour into the room. She claims they're going to make it really tone-on-tone so it will appear neutral. Hmm. We'll see about that.

The bumper to the commercial is Ty wiping out on the skateboard.

Laurie reveals her paint: if you don't know that it's yellow, you must be new. Welcome to Trading Spaces! So in the can, it's a soft, slightly warm-looking buttery yellow. She describes it as a "happy, soft yellow," and mentions that the adjacent room has yellows and golds in it. Ann says it sounds like Laurie's really trying to sell them on the colour. Ann is one of those no-nonsense women who sees right through BS, you can tell. The thing is, as much as almost everyone is tired of Laurie's colour palette, with the living room open to the kitchen, and that happy-face-yellow counter sticking into the room (which I just want to take a circular saw to) Laurie doesn't have as many options here as she would otherwise. So technically, she should get a pass on this one. But I'm going to bitch about it anyway. Welcome to Television Without Pity! Seriously, Laurie could have done a yellow and blue scheme. Or yellow, blue and green. Or yellow and red. Or any of a number of things that would have been a slight variation on the usual. Laurie says she's trying to make it flow, and that she doesn't think their neighbours are the type to want their rooms to go from one colour to another, to another. Gerald: "Like us." Ann cracks up. Laurie says that's fine, but that John and Veronica want something neutral and subtle. Ann: "But did you also hear them say that they hate pastel?" Hee. But I don't think that colour is really pastel. It's not quite pale and sweet enough for that, and I think it will go on darker. I don't think it's going to look right with the countertop colour, though.

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