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Back to Operation Karmic Debt. Ty is still ripping the damaged drywall away. Hildi wonders, "We don't have asbestos here, do we?" Well, if they did, it would be way too late to worry about it, with the way Ty's breaking up the wall and the chunks and particles of everything all over. That's the sort of thing best ascertained before demolition takes place. There's a shot of various ants and bugs running around like crazy in and out of the wall, having been disturbed by Ty's efforts. (Any other Latinophiles out there deriving amusement from the idea of ants emerging from behind the Formica? Just me? Okay.) Hildi adds, "Just these little friends of yours from underground?" Ty: "My little subterranean friends?" He assures her that's all they're running into.

Laurie's got another can of paint. If it's not orange, green, brown, or cream, I will eat my stapler. (It's a big ergonomic sucker, too.) Laurie reveals a can of pumpkin-y paint that she says matches the sofa fabric. My stapler exhales a sigh of relief. Ann gasps. She loves it. Laurie says she's calling it -- "just to have fun with paint colour names" -- a kind of "acorn colour." She says that along with cream, those are their two colours. Blah blah, tone on tone. I really should just see if I can lift whole paragraphs out of previous recaps. Laurie claims that, "at the end of the day, it's going to come back and look neutral." You know, I'm sure it'll be very nice and all, but I don't think it's going to be all that neutral. Ain't nobody buying that.

Hildi's scraping at the floor in front of the excavated wall, and commenting that this repair job is almost beyond the call of duty. I'm really glad she said "almost." Nobody has wreaked more architectural havoc on this show than Hildi. She tells her team that it's really going to set them back: "But don't tell Paige yet." Yeah, I'm pretty sure MPDP has no idea. She's just that dumb. John agrees not to say anything. Ty agrees with Hildi that he doesn't need MPDP on his back all day long.

Ann and Gerald paint the walls. The yellow paint's looking more cool-toned on the wall than it did in the can. MPDP wanders in and asks if there's any paint on the tarp where Ann is standing, gesturing gently to get Ann to move aside. Ann says there isn't. MPDP drops dramatically to the ground and lolls there with her hands on her face. She says, "Oh my God, Gerald and Ann. It is a really good thing that you guys are really nice people." Ann tells Gerald she told him. MPDP wails and moans on the floor as Ann says, "Don't tell us, don't tell us!" To Gerald: "See, this is not even funny anymore." MPDP gets up. Ann says to no one in particular that it's all good and that MPDP must just be joking. MPDP: "Have you seen the wall by the window?" Ann hollers and points: "Gerald did that!" Isn't this sort of violating the rule about telling the HOs what's going on at their place?

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