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Miami: Miami Place

Laurie and Ann are outside with an enormous piece of outdoor carpeting in some natural shade. They're struggling to flip it over. I can't imagine they need even half that much for that room; it's just not that big. Laurie says she was originally planning to pull up the existing carpet and glue this one down, but it turns out that the existing carpet is already glued down, and Laurie doesn't want a piece of that.

Hildi's planning to use a paint sprayer to save some time painting the walls. Veronica's not sure about the colour, which is a beige or sort of natural canvas shade. She says their neighbours like bright colours. Hildi argues that the rest of the rooms in the house are very colourful (she cites pink, purple, yellow, and orange) and if they want to see colour, they can just take a walk.

Ann and Laurie start cutting the carpet. Laurie says that because the carpet is very thin, she's been told it cuts "like buttah!" Ann finds that's more or less true.

Hildi is blasting the paint on with the sprayer. That is some impressive speed. Dude, I need a paint sprayer. Hey, I painted my living room five times last year. But she's just painting right over the stained wood of the French doors, and it hasn't been primed or sanded. That ain't gonna last. Also, they've taped off the windows, doorknobs and lock, but not the hinges. The hell? What do I have to do to get people to stop painting over hardware?

Ty's working on Laurie's TV closet, assisted by Gerald. Ty tells Gerald that there is stuff going on at Gerald's house that Ty could really use his help with. Well, I think Gerald already had his kick at the can. Maybe it's best to leave him out of it.

Paige Cam. She shouts over the noise of the paint sprayer to tell John he's out of paint again. He stops and checks; he's got only one can left. It looks to me like there's still a lot of wall to paint, and he points out that the drywall might suck up a lot of paint. It doesn't look primed, either. MPDP comes in close with the camera and tells him to look at her. We get a major close-up of John's eye and his respiratory mask. She points out that he has paint on his contact lenses. I don't know how the hell she could tell that from her original distance. Maybe that's her freaky superpower. Like George Costanza's.

Ty struggles in with one of the closet doors.

Laurie and Ann are outside with the dining-room furniture, which is brassy-coloured metal with blue velour upholstery. She says they're going to spraypaint the metal a silver colour and reupholster the cushions in a warm yellow fabric.

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