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Hildi fires about nine hundred staples into the bottom of a newly upholstered cushion for the bar stool, and hands it to Veronica to try out. Veronica says it's very comfortable. Hildi says it's a "couple-hundred-dollar look for about five or six dollars."

Ann's fretting over the panelling. She doesn't think her neighbours will like it. Laurie explains that it's going to be painted the same as the other walls; it's just for continuity, since the other walls are painted panelling. She didn't want there to be one smooth wall and three panelled ones. I can't see why it matters, actually; aren't there going to be closet doors in front of it anyway? Why is there a wall behind the doors at all? What purpose does it serve?

Hildi's got her team and MPDP in the family room. MPDP's holding up a big piece of the circle-print fabric. Hildi says she and John made stencils, but they're actually stamps: wooden holders for sponges cut out in the shape and size of the circles on the fabric. Hildi wants MPDP and Veronica to hold the fabric up while she and John try to replicate the print on the walls with paint. MPDP suddenly demands to know: "Are you doing this on all the walls?" Hildi, confidently: "Yes." She continues giving instructions while MPDP makes a horrified face at Veronica. John: "Homework, baby!" He sounds happy about it. Veronica: "What?"

Ty and Gerald install trim for the edge of the closet.

Hildi starts stamping the white circles, while MPDP looks at the fabric and complains, "I thought you said 'calm and peaceful.'" Hildi pays her no mind. Veronica says the white circle looks great all by itself. Nice try.

Laurie explains the ceiling molding project to her team.

Hildi and her team have got quite a lot of white circles on the walls now, and they've done the small dark green dots in white, too. Huh? Maybe they were printed over white, too, and I just couldn't see that. Hildi asks what Veronica and John think. They seem pretty iffy about whether their neighbours will like it. Veronica asks if they're doing black circles, too. Hildi asks, "Isn't this their school?" She wonders what the kids will think. John thinks the kids will like it.

Gerald and Ann paint the ceiling the "acorn" colour. Wow, I am really hating it in combination with the cool-toned yellow on the wall. It's too low a ceiling for a dark field of colour like that, and on top of it, it's a popcorn ceiling, and this is only emphasizing the nasty texture. Laurie assigns homework: finish painting the acorn rectangle, prime and paint the ceiling grate, spackle the crown molding, paint the trim cream, finish painting the walls yellow.

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