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Miami: Ten Court

Hildi pours the sealant into a paint tray and tells her team they need to mop it on in a light layer. Again, I'm no expert, but I just have the feeling you're not supposed to tile, grout, and seal all in twenty-four hours. Hildi says she could show them, but laments her lack of a mop. Rich offers his.

Kia says it's such a nice day that it's too bad they have to work. She hands Eric the mirrors and picks up his fishing pole, as she tells them to keep working.

Rich says he doesn't do floors. There's a joke that never gets old. MPDP says the floor looks incredible. She says, "Whatever Ty did wrong over there..." Rich interrupts, "Yes, and he did a lot wrong, so we know that now he is just the looks behind the show and not the brains." Wait, somebody was under the impression that Ty was the brains behind this show? Frink says, "You know, if this was all I'd ever seen of Hildi, I'd think she has a good head on her shoulders."

Kia's brought in a roll of sea grass. Eric and Kim think it's cool. She notices the chair they've painted Aegean Sea, and boy, does it clash with that dark blue carpet. Yuck. Not to mention the whole seafoam wall. Someone painted "E [heart] K" and "2003" on the seat. Kia thinks that's nice. Eric claims to know nothing about it. Kia turns her attention to the headboard. She wants to add "another overglaze." It's kind of a peachy pink and slightly shiny now. She says it looks good, but it's a little too "salmon...y...salmony-ish." Kim: "Yeah, it doesn't look like that shell over there."

Ty demonstrates to Hildi his idea for a Nelson Bench-esque coffee table made of slats. This one has legs made of slats, too. He asks if that's something she thinks she'll be interested in. She asks if it's for sale. I'm as puzzled by the question as he is: "Well, I guess it can be if you'd like to buy it...uh, I usually work for free, I don't know if you've heard about that..."

Nancy's mopping the floor with sealant and wondering how much more there is to do. She says time's almost up. Rich tells her to do less talking, more mopping.

Ty's attaching the headboard to the wall. It seems to be kind of loose, and Ty jiggles it back and forth, saying, "That's not going to cause a problem, is it?" Kim: "I don't know...they're pretty busy." Kia, holding a bunch of raffia up in front of her like a grass skirt, says, "All right, that's enough!" Ty keeps banging the headboard while he asks Kia if she thinks it's going to be a problem. Kim: "It could be, if the children are trying to sleep." Bet they won't cringe at all when they see this, either. Nope.

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