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Miami: Ten Court

Hildi's outside with Nancy, ready to create her paintings. She wants Nancy to roll on some of the paint they used in the room, to create a wet surface for her to come along and squirt paint onto. Nancy: "You know I failed art class, right?" Hildi tells her not to sweat it: "I did too!" I might be making that up.

MPDP voice-overs that the headboard rattle's been resolved, and now Ty's building "Kia's unique bedside shelves." I bet Mindy cracks up something fierce when she does these voice-overs later. Ty asks Kia if he wants her to put pieces of bamboo along the front edges of the MDF shelves -- I guess to make the piece look a little more coherent. Because God knows, if there's one thing this room is about, it's coherence. Kia says okay.

Hildi tells Nancy that their paintings are going to be pretty abstract. She wonders if Kim likes abstract art. Nancy says Kim just bought a bunch of paintings and "they weren't abstract," but she sort of hedges and says that anyone can see if they like it. She remarks on how easy it seems to be to do this kind of painting.

Rich and Ty work on the coffee table. Ty demonstrates how he'll put a metal rod through the intersection of the legs and top to give it strength, and then hide the rod.

Kia's got a cheesy little high-backed wicker chair into which she's sticking fake flowers to make a flower arrangement. No, really. I couldn't even make up something that tacky if I tried. Eric seems underwhelmed, and suggests that Kim might be better at helping her with this than he. Kia wants to know why: "Because she's a girl?" Hey, way to defend the feminist cause, there. I bet Gloria Steinem's writing you a little note of thanks right now.

Nancy tells Hildi she joked with Kim about putting colour in her living room. Hildi says she's getting muted colour.

Kia tells Eric, "I hear some sexist thing going on." Normally I might agree, but I think maybe the guy just has enough taste not to want to be involved in this cheesy flower arrangement. Eric denies any sexism. Kia: "My florist is a man. Why can't I create that out of you?" A man? Or a florist? You can tell Eric is thinking this can't be over fast enough. He says, "It's only a two-day show." She keeps jamming flowers into the wicker chair.

MPDP comes along, wondering if Nancy -- who's watching Hildi paint her masterpieces -- is getting to participate at all. Nancy says she did at first. MPDP asks what Hildi's doing now: "That's not paint." Hildi says it's paint and conditioner. MPDP looks puzzled.

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