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Miami: Ten Court

Fast-forward sequence, during which we get closeups of Ty trimming his nose hair and eyebrows with a small appliance for the purpose. MPDP brings in Nancy and Rich and lets them open their eyes. Rich is immediately excited and tells his wife to open her eyes. He exclaims, "Oh, this is beautiful!" Nancy: "Oh my God!" Rich calls attention to the various uses of bamboo in the room. Nancy: "This is so pretty!" My husband and I look at each other, wondering if we've once again slipped into the Bizarro universe without realizing it. Nancy says she loves the bed. Rich declares it "gorgeous." Nancy jumps up and down and emits a small sound that's half-laugh, half-squeal. She and Rich kiss. Rich likes the duvet cover and says he loves the orange pillow cases. He likes the chair. Nancy notices the big "We are sorry!" on the dresser and MPDP says there's a story behind that. She calls Kim and Eric out of the bathroom behind them to explain it. There's some squealing and hugging, and then Kim and Eric tell them about the "TV case." Nancy says they heard a huge crash over where they were working. MPDP's surprised they heard that. I'm kind of surprised, too. Rich suddenly wants to know where his tool box is. Man, they should have told him the crash was his tool box falling down the basement stairs. (Except this is Florida and I bet they don't have basements.) Bring it back in, dude; it couldn't hurt this room. MPDP says it's gone. Kim and Rich love the flower arrangement. Rich repeats that the whole room is beautiful and that Kia should be very proud of herself. Good. God. MPDP signs off. I need some of whatever these people are on.

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