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Miami: Ten Court

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Miami: Ten Court

Sewing World. Kia tells Eric he's working on the duvet cover. It's an orangey-gold fabric with a floral pattern on it. The backing is some light brown fabric. She explains to him how a duvet cover works.

Hildi explains that three of the walls will be Carolina blue, and the fourth wall -- the one that's olive green now -- will be a canvas colour. Ty bumps into the back of her as he's working, and she jumps like he grabbed her ass. Rich: "Wasn't me!"

Kia wraps the homeowners' existing pillows in batting to fluff them up. She's also got some pillow cases made of fabric in Fast Food Restaurant Orange. I'm feeling vaguely ill as I start visualizing all these colours together. And as usual, I don't know the half of it yet.

Hildi tells Ty she has a little project for him, while he gripes about having more than enough to do. She wants him to make three large rectangular frames that will have canvas stretched over them. She's going to do three paintings on them, "like a triptych." I think Ty says something like "sounds painful." She also wants three little matching frames. Ty: "Litty bitty guys?" Hildi confirms this.

Kia hovers over Eric while he sews, telling him not be afraid, and that they can always rip it out if he makes a mistake. She thinks he sews better than he paints.

Hildi tells her team they've got to cover the walls in one thick coat of paint. Rich: "We'll see about that." They discuss whether they have enough paint for two coats; Hildi tells them they don't have enough time to do two coats, so they have to do one. She bought Vaspar paint which, she says, covers well.

Kia comes out to talk to Ty about her projects. She has some papers. Of the first one, she says, "This was my plan, but I don't want to use it now." My God, you have to wonder, given what she goes ahead with, what constitutes something she would reject or second-guess. Ty tosses that sheet aside: "What's next?"

MPDP arrives to check on Hildi's team. She learns about the brick floor.

Kia describes to Ty -- by using small words and visual aids in the form of scallop shells -- how she wants the headboard and footboard of the bed to be shell-shaped. Ty pours it on thick, gasping, pretending to wipe a tear from his eye, and to be all choked up: "Oh. Wow. That is gorgeous." Kia: "You like that?" He smiles and kind of jerks his head, but doesn't answer. He tries to understand what she wants: he thinks she wants an actual shell. She replies, "Look, you big galoot, I want a huge crappy piece of MDF cut in the shape of a scallop, with grooves cut into it, and nailed to the wall." Actually, she just says, "I want a sea shell. As a headboard." Which on her planet, means the same thing. Ty grasps that she wants something that looks like a sea shell.

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