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Miami: Ten Court

Ty shows Rich and Nancy how to spread the grout on the brick. Don't you have to let the mortar dry -- for a day or two at least -- before you grout something like that? I don't know; I have very little experience with either tile or brick, but I suspect you're not supposed to grout something like that immediately. Especially in a place as humid as Florida. Ty smears the grout around, giving them advice about technique. He recommends that Nancy wear knee pads; she doesn't seem to want to. She says that if she needs them, she'll put them on. Hildi warns her that it's like the sun in Miami; by the time you feel it, you're already burned. Or like being on this show: by the time you realize what's happening, you're already screwed.

MPDP's in a big MDF box on the floor. It's got doors made of these branch frames, but no mirrors yet. As she climbs out, she squeaks, "This is the TV box!" MPDP reminds Kia to pick up the mirrors from Lowe's. It's homework time. Kia gestures to a chair that she says Hildi found for her. It's a wooden side chair with a sort of weird, slightly funky frame. She wants it painted Aegean Sea. She wants Eric and Kim to glaze the headboard with an opalescent glaze. She's leaving them some sea shells for inspiration. They're also to paint the "TV box" Aegean Sea. MPDP warns them that because it's MDF, it's going to take a lot of paint. As she does so, she lets go of the box, which had been tilted back toward her and which she was supporting. I think it comes close to landing on Kia's feet, but it's hard to see. It looks quite front-heavy. Kia decides it's time to vamoose.

Hildi tells Rich and Nancy they have no homework except to finish the grouting. Rich gripes a bit. Hildi splits, because she's got some shopping to do.

Day Two. Hildi arrives to find her team sitting on the finished floor. She seems very pleased with it. She's followed by Ty, who proclaims it awesome. When he asks how late they were up, Rich grabs Ty by the neck and pretends to choke him. Rich says, "Jesus! Would you explain to me again the scientific method behind that grout?" How come you can take Jesus' name in vain on this show, but you can't say "Goddamn"? I don't care, I'm just wondering. He says that every tile that Ty put down popped up. He says they were up past 1 AM. There's much finger-pointing in every direction.

Eric's fishing off a deck while Kim watches. Kia arrives with the mirrors. Her team tells her that all the work is finished.

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