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Mississippi: Golden Pond

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Mississippi: Golden Pond

Shout-out to winkyboy.

MPDP announces that we're in Jackson, Mississippi, and that it's Laurie's hometown. We see two couples -- Susan and Julius and their neighbours Danielle and Jay -- sitting on a blanket by what I presume is Golden Pond. We see Laurie squiring Hildi and Amy Wynn around town, showing them the local sights.

We see Jay and Danielle's bedroom, which is a large, reasonably tasteful room that already looks better than about 75% of the "afters" on this show. I find it boring as heck when the show redecorates rooms that hardly need it, especially for homeowners who appear to be able to afford the services of an interior decorator if they wanted; there's not as much at stake. Anyway, their walls are a muted greyish-purple; the carpet looks like a natural sisal colour; and the woodwork, ceiling, and molding are white. They have an odd headboard made of dark wood, with small coordinating chests of drawers on each side of the bed as night tables. There are good-sized lamps on the night tables. The bed has a white coverlet over a patterned dust ruffle with matching accent pillows. The windows have white wooden louvers on them. Big ficus in the corner. Gold-framed painting above the bed. There's a white fireplace on the right-hand side of the bed. At the end of the bed is a large, low chest of drawers with a silver-framed mirror above it. In the corner opposite the ficus is a smallish dark wood armoire. There's a blue chaise longue on the left-hand side of the bed. It's a nice enough room; a little blah. Very hotel room-ish. Danielle says that they inherited most of this furniture from her parents-in-law, and that they'd like something of their own. They love the fireplace but think it should be more of a focal point in the room. Jay would like to see some new fabric on the bed or new window treatments. Jay claims they're pretty open to anything. That's easy to say when you know you're getting Laurie, buddy. Danielle doesn't want any black on the walls. Jay says they don't like animal prints. He also begs them to leave the ceiling fan, which we see for the first time is a plain white model, mercifully free of the light-fixture agglutinations that render most ceiling fans so very hideous. Danielle argues with him. Jay: "Please, Laurie, don't take down the ceiling fan." Danielle, to the camera: "It's okay if you take down the ceiling fan." Jay: "No, it's not." How much would I never like to see or hear about another ceiling fan as long as I live?

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