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Nazareth: First Street

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Nazareth: First Street

MPDP drives along Nazareth Speedway in a black convertible with the Trading Spaces logo on it. She tells us we're in Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania, home of Mario Andretti...and the racing metaphors come thick and fast. She zooms off. We see "pit crew" Vern, Doug, and Amy Wynn in red racing suits pretending to service the convertible. As they push the car along the speedway, Vern's racing pants fall down, dragged off his slim waist by the weight of the microphone pack, I guess.

A goateed guy in a black t-shirt with cut-off sleeves hollers into a microphone, "Are you ready to rock?" I'm really not, as it happens. He's Mike, his wife is Monique, and they're shown in their living playing guitar (him) and tambourine (her). They want a room that's more accommodating of their love for music and entertaining. The living room is right off the kitchen and is the main room in their house. It's a basic box of a room: yellow walls (although Vern later refers to them as "peach"), white ceiling, greige carpet, and a fireplace with a very skimpy surround and mantel. There are a couple of Southwest-patterned couches in warm colours, simple pine coffee table and shelves, TV, plants, the usual. They say they do karaoke there and that it's the fun place to be; people love to be there. Mike says, "There are entertainers and entertainees. We are the entertainers." He says that people tend to "navigate" to their house and hang out there, although I think he means "gravitate." But maybe their house is surrounded by a moat or something. You never know. Monique says she likes the couches the way they are and that she likes the room, but that they're ready for a change. They'd like the fireplace to become more of a focal point in the room. We get a shot of the carpet, which she says is really bad, and she's not kidding. It's stained and nasty. Mike says the worst thing that could be done with the room is to make it dark and dingy: "That's not us. We're lively people."

We see Chris and Phil in their kitchen baking a cake. As Chris frosts a big white slab cake with the Trading Spaces logo on it, she says she's the one who uses the kitchen most since creating and decorating cakes is what she does for a living. The working area of the kitchen is fairly small. It's a galley-style kitchen with an incredibly awkward feature: at the end of one of the countertops, the sink is installed with the countertop turned on an angle into the room. It makes the passage from the work area into the eating area much narrower and harder to use. I can't imagine how many times people must bump into the corner of the sink that juts into the room. Who thinks this sort of thing is a good idea? I find in a lot of newer houses there's a lot of stuff like this, where things are angled for no really good reason other than that the designer couldn't seem to figure out how else to make the room interesting. It means that you look out over the sink into the eating/living area, but the impracticality of the arrangement outweighs that, if you ask me -- especially if there's a dishwasher, although I can't tell if they have one. I don't think they do. The kitchen has oak cabinets down each side, with the fridge at the end of the left-hand side and the stove in the middle of the right-hand side. The walls look like a light pinkish colour. The countertop is a kind of almond colour. In the other half of the room, there's a small wooden table and chairs in front of a large window with a flowered valance. There's a microwave cart in the corner.

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