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North Carolina: Southerby Drive

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North Carolina: Southerby Drive

MPDP welcomes us to the show while walking down the street in North Carolina. In case you weren't sure where they are, MPDP is helpfully wearing a tight t-shirt that says, "The Burbs." Of course, her belly is sticking out. This week, they are in Garner, which is the home to many high-tech companies. This provides MPDP the opportunity to make some ill-advised puns on computer terms like "download" that fall flat.

The two husband-and-wife teams are Mir and Mike, and Jer and Jenny. They play horseshoes while MPDP voice-overs that they are all hoping for new rooms. Well, duh. The designers are Hildi and Doug, and the carpenter is Amy Wynn. The three of them row a boat across a lake. Push Hildi in! Come on! You know Doug would do it. It would be especially funny because she's wearing a leather coat, even though the weather appears mild at best.

MPDP tells us that Mike and Mir's bedroom is just that: a room with a bed in it. It really is. The bed doesn't even have a headboard, so it's really just a mattress on a frame, with some hand-me-down bedroom furniture. Mike says that they'd like an Asian influence, and Mir adds that she would like cool colors like green or blue, with black accents, and possibly another color as a "punch," like red. Mir adds that they love artwork, especially if it has a sentimental attachment, and that Mike is a painter. Mike says that they do want a contemporary look, but that they don't want it too vibrant, since it's a room for relaxation. Mir promises that they will each keep an open mind about it.

Jer and Jenny haven't gotten around to decorating their bedroom. Currently, it features white walls, a generic-looking bed, and some country oak furniture. Jenny says that she wants a change, but she doesn't' know exactly what she wants. Jer adds that they want warm colors, but also want to spice it up. Jenny talks about the bay window in the room, and says that she would like a window treatment, but wouldn't want anything built in front of it. She would like a covering that allows her to block out the streetlights at night, but also allow natural light to come in during the day. Jer wants something semi-European and something original. In other words, they really don't know what they want. One thing they didn't mention is that the two bedrooms look exactly the same to me, right down to the bay window.

MPDP tries to mix up the key swap by making the homeowners fill in the blanks. Just swap the keys and get a move on! No one cares about this part. MPDP babbles on about the key chains themselves, which she also did in the last episode I recapped. Is that her new shtick?

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