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Orlando: Whisper Lakes

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Orlando: Whisper Lakes

Frank and MPDP paint pieces of plywood that have been cut out in the shape of houses.

Hildi wires the baskets to make lamps and screws in an amber bulb. She tells Dennis where the lights are going.

Frank and MPDP notice that a couple of neighbourhood boys are hanging over the fence watching them. MPDP goes over to talk to them and find out if they're going to help. She wonders if they shouldn't be in school. When she finds out school's already out, she starts nagging Frank about time.

And hallelujah, time's up. MPDP does a really bad Mickey Mouse imitation as she informs us of this fact. "Is Hildi's red-hot living room too spicy for Laura's country taste? And is life a beach for Jennifer and Dennis in Frank's friendly family room?" The bumper to the commercial is Frank with his nose purple, being doused with a bucket of water.

In Frank's room, most of the windows have been covered with soft white blinds. There are fishnets draped over the tops of the blinds all around the room. One of the windows has white tab curtains. The fireplace has been covered in shards of tile on the top and on the ledge at the bottom. The front face of the ledge has three white block areas which might be plain white tile or might just be big areas of grout, I have no idea. But it looks weird. The face of the fireplace has beach grass lightly painted on it in a sandy brown. The chimney pipe is still a big black eyesore. Wish he'd painted that. You might need special high-heat paints for that, but I think they come in a couple other colours than black. On top of the fireplace are two vases of dried brown grassy stuff. The sofas have been split up and placed opposite each other, and covered in the taupe fabric. They have an assortment of pillows on them in soft yellow, green, blue, cream, purple and moss. The coffee table/toy box is between them, also draped in fishnet. Its top is stained and the base is painted. That fishnet should last ninety seconds in a house with kids. Actually, fishnet's just the sort of thing little fingers get hopelessly and painfully tangled in. The seashells scattered all over the fireplace ledge should be history, too. A wicker chest is beside the shorter section of sofa. The entertainment centre's still in the same place, but painted a bright sky blue. Now, only about half the seating sort of faces the TV, so it will be harder to use the room for watching television. Wouldn't be a Trading Spaces room if they didn't obstruct TV viewing in some fashion. At the other end of the room, their wicker sofa table has been centred against the wall and has two unusual white lamps on it, with some other tchotchkes and baskets. SpongeBob SquareLamp is down there, too. The wainscoting has a washed-out-looking, distressed green paint finish on it, and the boards that cover up those awful gravel sills are painted to match. There are several cheap bamboo/rattan mats on the floor.

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