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Orlando: Whisper Lakes

It's not a bad room, but not great, either. Don't like the chunky mosaic tile job on the fireplace. It looks like cartoon flagstone: big and one-dimensional. I'm glad they covered up those sills. The soft colours are okay, though I personally don't care for pastels, and there's nothing that clashes glaringly. The fabric seems to be draped and stapled on the sofas, but at least they're not sporting those dreadful ready-made slipcovers. The fishnet is ridiculously kitschy and makes it look like a cheap fish-and-chip shop. He has definitely changed the feel of the room, though I think a lot of that can be attributed to having the windows covered. I'd like to see what this looks like with all the windows exposed. The room is more pulled-together-looking, and that's saying something for one of Frank's rooms. I have no idea whether this is up Jennifer's and Dennis's alley.

Frank thinks the room is very tranquil compared to the rest of the house. MPDP agrees, and raves about the fireplace. Frank talks about how he needed the arrangements of dried grass to balance the big chimney pipe. MPDP asks him about the surprise table Amy Wynn made; Frank sings Amy Wynn's praises for that and many other things. MPDP says he's $105 over budget. Good gravy. Where's all the money? Seriously. This room looks like it would cost about half that. Frank whips a hundred-dollar bill out of his pocket and hands it to her. She says she'll spot him the five bucks, and asked what put him over. He says he just went over the edge. MPDP suggests he keep a running tally. Frank: "But that takes the surprise out of it at the end."

Fast-forward sequence, and then MPDP says Jennifer and Dennis can open their eyes. Jennifer looks stunned and says, "Oh my gosh!" Dennis: "Holy shit!" That outburst seemed...not entirely spontaneous. Jennifer points at something and squeals hoarsely, "Dennis, oh my God!" It's the fireplace. Dennis claps and says, "The fireplace! Shit!" They keep squealing and shouting. I think they're pretty surprised, because it's not what they were expecting of Frank. Jennifer says it's so beautiful. Dennis says it's "fricking amazing." He points out the wainscoting and says, "Frank, you are a god!" He asks if it's their old furniture. It is. Dennis: "Get the hell out." MPDP points out that the gravel is gone; Jennifer looks like she might have a heart attack. They keep looking around, and Dennis says, "All right, Frank's getting a kiss."

Hildi's room has been painted a strong, dark, orange-toned red. The ceiling is still white and the carpet is still beige. The two sofas and the chair have all been slipcovered in a cream fabric printed with red Asian motifs and medallions. The two sofas are opposite each other, arranged perpendicular to what I think has to be a very deep window, which is covered with a Roman blind in the same fabric. During the room loading sequence, I saw that Laura's TV is behind there. Maybe it's not a window sill, but if it isn't, I can't figure out what it is. And it's a damn strange and awkward place for the TV, but that's hardly a first on this show. The sofas and chair all have pillows on them in the same fabric as well as a few accent cushions in a natural canvas colour. The coffee table, painted dark brown, is between the sofas, and lo and behold, there behind the sofa nearest the entry is the sofa table, also painted brown. I guess Jennifer and Dennis decided to risk it. The ottoman has been slipcovered in the same fabric and tucked under the sofa table. The three basket/birdcage lamps are hanging above it.

Behind the other couch, covering the doors to the yard, are three long Roman blinds in, yes, the same fabric. They're hung so that the middle panel is slightly higher than the other two, which looks a little weird to me. One of the two side tables is beside the upholstered chair, and the other one is in the new corner created by building the wall that now divides the living room from the kitchen. While I like the new wall (I don't like open-concept layouts for the most part) and am thrilled that they didn't just pick an arbitrary spot to stop painting, they should have continued the wall over the doorway. Now there's an opening to the kitchen that's about thirty inches wide and ten feet high. It looks silly. The big high hole-in-the-wall shelf has been covered with a "shoji screen" all painted dark brown. I think they should have painted that red. There's absolutely no value in calling attention to that. In the last shot, you can see that the TV niche/window has a second Roman blind between the back of the TV and the glass. Finally, the vestigial wall has been removed and the resulting gap in the floor has a border of slate tiles. I'd still like to get a good look at the final product and see what it looks like where the carpet meets the tile. On the wall against which the door opens is a large square mirror with a wide, dark brown frame. I like that.

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