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Orlando: Whisper Lakes's an improvement. However, there's just too much of the same fabric; it should have been used on either the furniture or the windows but not both. I like the colours of the fabric, but I'm not crazy about its overall appearance; it's one of those fabrics that looks better close up than it does en masse and/or from a distance. The red walls are nice, and the brown paint is not objectionable. Love the new wall, but hate the mine shaft doorway. I'm really not crazy about Roman blinds that go to the floor, as the ones on the patio doors do. Don't like the way the three lamps are all wired into one ceiling box and then swagged a few feet away. The furniture Hildi bought would have looked a lot more appropriate with this scheme than the chunky country pieces painted brown, which really throw the whole look off. And while I hated that little wall, too, I don't think the effect is ultimately worth the money and effort it took. She should have kept the furniture. Hildi has interesting taste, and if she could only combine it with some training, common sense, and a lot more self-restraint, she could be a force to be reckoned with.

MPDP says the room is sexy, and calls it "Asian spice." Hildi, wearing her big three-strand rope of pearls, talks about taking down one wall and putting up the other. A close-up of the entry shows that the floor looks pretty half-assed there. A close-up of the shoji screen shows that the brown paint's pretty sparse in places. MPDP says Hildi is $11.87 over budget, but says that's not so bad, considering she had to hire a professional. So why doesn't Hildi ever have to cough up the money or explain herself? As usual, she gets a pass. I bet the total amount she's gone over on all her shows easily exceeds that of any other designer. Somebody with more time on her hands than I should figure that out. I'd love to see some statistics on this show. MPDP raves about the birdcage lights and the ornate curtain rods. They've almost, but not quite, managed to get the patterns on the three blinds lined up. Points for effort, I guess. Hildi likes them because it adds more ethnicity to the room. I bet Laura was just saying to herself the other day that the room was way too white-bread and really lacked ethnicity. MPDP says Dennis and Jennifer want this room. Hildi asks: "Is it anything like Frank's? I haven't gotten to see his." MPDP: "Oh, it's nothing like Frank's."

Fast-forward sequence. MPDP brings Laura and Tim in and says they can look. They do; Laura gasps first, then Tim does. She says, "Wow!" as she looks around, astonished. Tim laughs, incredulous: "I love it! I want this to be my room!" Laura: "Sorry, Charlie!" He turns around and sees the new wall, and calls Laura's attention to it. MPDP points out there's also a wall missing. There's a shot of the slate that shows the carpet/tile juncture looking so-so. Tim points out the painted furniture. Laura: "This is not my room!" MPDP says it is now. Tim says it's absolutely beautiful, and calls her attention to the shoji screen covering the big shelfhole. He calls it a window. That's a window? I couldn't see any light coming from it before it was covered. Laura says it looks amazing, but while I think she's impressed, I don't get the feeling she loves it. MPDP says Dennis and Jennifer said that Laura has always envied the red that's in their house. Laura says that's true. The other team comes in, and people hug. Dennis asks if Laura likes it, and she eventually says she loves it. MPDP signs off. No outtakes. Fifty. Nine. Episodes. Maybe I can find a nice spicy Asian room in which to commit hara-kiri.

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