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Orlando: Whisper Lakes

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Orlando: Whisper Lakes

Key swap. They're in front of Carpentry World, and Amy Wynn's running around in the background. I can't remember any other key swap where another member of the cast was in the background. But who knows? At this point if I could remember my middle name I'd be doing well. Jennifer and Dennis have enough luggage for a month in Norway at Christmastime. As they ineptly run off to their respective tasks, Dennis comes back to give MPDP a peck on the cheek. She chuckles and says, "Wooing will get you nowhere. You can't woo me!"

Jennifer and Dennis find Hildi sitting on the sofa examining fabric. Dennis gives her a peck on the cheek, so Hildi makes sure to give Jennifer a kiss, too. They agree the room is boring and needs a complete change. Jennifer insists that Laura is exciting and fun and young. MPDP comes in all of a sudden. Since when does she get to be in on the meet 'n' greet? I usually find that her first appearance after the key swap comes at approximately the twelve-minute mark. Hildi tells them they're going to be making a buttload of slipcovers. They're also building a wall. MPDP shrieks: "What?" See, this is why you're not invited to the meet 'n' greet. You're not supposed to find out what's going on until it's too late. Hildi says they're painting the room a totally different colour. They empty the room.

Laura and Tim find Frank studying an 8 x 10 glossy of Dennis stuck to the TV, upon which he's written, "Frank -- I love your work...I only hope I still do on Friday! Dennis." Um, okay. Why does this guy have 8 x 10 glossies of himself? It's never explained. Any chance that there was going to be a love train for this guy just got derailed. There's just something way too smarmy about that. I mean, sure, leave a note. (For all the good it would do.) I doubt Frank wants or needs a signed photo of you, even if you are some sort of local celebrity. Now you're going to be known as "8 x 10 Glossy Guy." Way to go. Frank reads the message aloud and laughs a fake-evil laugh, saying, "Fat chance. This room is mine!" He tells his team he's on a power trip. He says he's seeing a "bleached-out Nantucket beach house...sort of East Coast Nantucket, not bright like the rest of the house, but more subdued." He wants to put a mosaic on the fireplace. Ew -- the top of it has that same gravel surface as the window sill. Frank wants to cover those window sills with wood. He wants to do a distressed finish on the wainscoting, and to slipcover the sofa. They clear the room.

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