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Orlando: Whisper Lakes

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Orlando: Whisper Lakes

Frank finishes telling MPDP his plans, and asks what she thinks. She doesn't seem to think they've accomplished much so far. Frank protests that he's broken up the tiles and mixed the mortar. He indicates his sweaty torso with a shrug and says, "Look at this?" MPDP laughs: "But you always look like that." Heh.

Hildi tells Amy Wynn she wants her to build a wall five feet wide, and running from floor to ceiling. This ceiling's probably about ten or twelve feet at its peak. Amy Wynn considers this and agrees. Hildi: "Easy." Clearly she thinks construction is just as easy as destruction. Hildi also wants to cover another one of those useless builder features with a shoji screen: it's a deeply recessed shelf high up on the wall, open to the ceiling, and neither very accessible nor attractive. Perhaps it's supposed to be a plant shelf or something, but I doubt plants would get enough light in there. They should build a wall in front of that. Maybe they could wall Hildi in there while they're at it. Hildi sums up: "So it's just that: wall, shoji screen, and hole."

Frank shows Laura the upholstery fabric for the sofas, which is a subtly textured taupe material. He says there's $100 worth of fabric there. I'm underwhelmed.

Hildi and Jennifer work on pinning the fabric for the slipcovers.

Frank and Laura try to stuff the existing pillows into the covers that have been made. It won't fit. Frank decides to try a different cover. It doesn't fit, either. They collapse into laughter. Frank tosses that cover aside and tries another one. I don't know why they don't just eviscerate the pillow and restuff the new cover.

Hildi keeps explaining the slipcovering to Jennifer.

Frank huffs and puffs as he stuffs: "Oh, I think it's coming! Oh, great! Oh, great!" Laura: "We're gonna to need lunch after this." Frank: "Forget that, I want a nap!" They finally manage to more or less shove it in, and it's totally misshapen and sloppy-looking. They both laugh, and Frank sticks his fist up inside it, waving it threateningly at Laura as he does a weird puppet voice, commanding her, "Talk to the puppet!" Laura strokes the puppet's "face" and says in the kind of voice people use to talk to dogs, "Hello, puppet!" I don't know if I would more like to pour bleach in my eyes or my ears.

Jennifer goes on to Hildi about how great and fun and sophisticated the room's going to be. Hildi rambles about her decorating theory for this room.

Frank has started painting one of the posts between windows a creamy beige colour. He's doing some sort of sketchy dragging technique. His team likes it.

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