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Orlando: Whisper Lakes

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Orlando: Whisper Lakes

Amy Wynn has begun framing the wall which will separate the living room from the kitchen more -- and which will give them a natural place to stop painting. MPDP chats with Amy Wynn, who's up on the ladder, when suddenly Hildi comes skipping in from the patio and, throwing on some safety glasses as she goes, suddenly attacks the little appendix wall with a hammer, whamming holes into it with a gleeful smirk. MPDP comes running over, and in exactly the way you'd see a soccer mom reprimand a three-year-old who'd just scampered off and deliberately knocked a lamp off a table in Crate & Barrel, says, "Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Hildi! Hildi, what are you..." She grabs the hammer, though Hildi doesn't relinquish it. She asks Hildi what she's doing. She tells her she can't do this. Hildi says she found an electrician. She whacks the wall again, as MPDP flinches each time, saying he's going to come do this for her: "We can get rid of the wall!" MPDP reminds her that she has to pay for an electrician and it comes out of her budget. Hildi says with a wink not to worry, he'll get paid. I might be making that up. Actually, she just says that's fine.

Frank slops some light blue paint onto the orangey-toned wainscoting, leaving some of the stain underneath showing through, as Laura and Tim watch and approve. Frank calls the colour green, though it's pale blue on my screen (and yes, I'm watching on the good TV). They talk about how it's fresh, but worn, like it's sun-bleached and chalky.

MPDP wants to know how much the electrician's going to put her over budget. Hildi says it won't; she's just going to return some furniture that she bought. MPDP: "So you're going to leave them with no furniture?" No, she's going to paint their existing furniture. Dennis is alarmed. MPDP asks Dennis, "Can she paint their furniture?" Dennis: "Uh, no." Oh, Dennis. Everybody in America knows she can paint that furniture if she wants to.

Tim and Laura debate the wall finish she's doing. It's so vague and murky that it just kind of looks like maybe the surface is uneven, or there are some unusual shadows, or something. I can't even tell what they're going for. Tim doesn't know if he's "totally whacked out on" the darker colour she's doing.

MPDP asks Hildi if the electrician promised to come to do the work today. Hildi replies, "Well, duh." MPDP asks Dennis again if she can paint the furniture. Dennis clarifies that the non-upholstered furniture can be painted. Amy Wynn comes over to Hildi and offers her another hammer, one designed for wrecking a wall, and Hildi says, "Oh, now you're all excited?" You wanna dial down the bitchface, there? I don't know about anyone else, but I've had enough of her attitude to last me several lifetimes. Amy Wynn says she was excited about the wall as long as Hildi got an electrician. Hildi tells Amy Wynn that now she doesn't have to fix the "little" hole, and that she'll find some money in her budget to send her to school. I guess that's what you'd expect from someone who thinks she's just so naturally gifted that she herself doesn't require any training. And guess what, Hildi? There's going to be an even bigger hole in the wall where the appendix wall met the main wall, which will still need to be fixed. Duh.

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