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Orlando: Whisper Lakes

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Orlando: Whisper Lakes

Frank and his team debate the wall finish. Tim thinks it looks dirty, whereas the wainscoting looks weathered and antiqued. I'm sure he's right. I struggle to care. I fail.

Hildi and Dennis start ripping the wall apart with hammers, with little or no regard for the wiring that's still in there. Hildi: "I love breaking things." No shit, eh? Frink: "I hope they shut the power off." Then he adds, "Actually, I hope they didn't shut the power off." Normally I'm anti-electroshock, but I think Hildi might benefit from a few watts. She suggests maybe Amy Wynn can use some of it for the new wall.

Tim worries about the ceiling being plain and the wall having this "effect" on it. Frank thinks it will be just fine and a nice contrast. Frank adds that when he and Laura go out that night for a few beverages, Tim can do the ceiling to match if he likes. Tim decides he thinks the wall looks just great the way it is.

Hildi arrives with Tim the electrician. Tim doesn't seem like a camera whore.

Frank comes out to talk to Amy Wynn about carpentry, calling her his "little wood nymph." He wants a coffee table/toy box that looks like an old crate that washed up on the beach.

Hildi explains that she wants Tim the Electrician to move the light switches, of which I think there are three, and the outlet, to the adjoining wall. She's sure it's simple. I'm no electrician, but I'll bet you any amount of money I know more about it and have done more rewiring than Hildi, and in my experience, even when it's "simple" (i.e. straightforward), it's never "easy," and it's usually neither. There's a reason electricians make $60-plus an hour (Canadian). MPDP informs Tim that it has to cost less than $100. Hildi wonders if she told Tim that part. What do you want to bet she engaged his services and then waited until he was there and on camera to tell him the budget? Tim considers this and decides he can do it.

Frank explains he wants Amy Wynn to cover the "nasty gravelly" surface on the sills with wood. He rambles on about screwholes and pegs.

Hildi brings her team outside to start painting the coffee table and two end tables. She's not sure if she's using both end tables, but wants them to paint everything just in case. They need to sand, prime, and paint them. She says, "You know what colour we're painting them?" She lifts up a hank of her own hair and says, "Like this colour." Frink: "No ego at all."

Frank wants his team to paint the entertainment centre, saying it's not bad, but it's dull. Frank has lumpy little round blue and white drawer pulls with a raised image of a lighthouse on them to replace the old hardware. Quaint.

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