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Orlando: Whisper Lakes

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Orlando: Whisper Lakes

Hildi and Jennifer are in Sewing World. Hildi's sewing the last slipcover.

Frank is showing Laura and Tim the slipcovers and pillows for the sofa. Tim is giggling. Is he huffing nitrous oxide between scenes, or what?

Hildi helps Jennifer smooth the stuffing in a cushion. She tells Jennifer to try to work some stuffing into the corners: "Punch it out! Pretend it's Dennis. Punch those lumps out." Nice.

Frank is holding some fabric in place on the bottom of the sofa and waiting for Tim to fire some staples into it, but the gun won't work. Tim says there's a hissing sound. I figure maybe there's a leak or gap in the tube to the compressor. Frank and Laura mock Tim for his inability. Frank says, "Two days, a thousand dollars, a designer, a carpenter..." Tim: "I know! And one loser who can't work a stapler."

Amy Wynn and Dennis put the drywall on the frame for the new wall.

They get the stapler working.

Dennis holds the drywall while Amy Wynn fastens it. He says that he knows a lot of women are disappointed that Ty isn't on this episode: "But on behalf of a lot of men in America, I'm glad that you're here." Any Wynn thanks him. She adds that the nice thing is that she can get the job done just as well. Dennis whispers, "If not better." Amy Wynn agrees.

Frank and his team are hemming and hawing over what to do with the "bench top." I don't know what bench they're talking about. Frink thinks they mean the boards over the window sills. "That's not a bench," I complain, "unless your ass is Barbie-sized." Frank urges them to make a decision "this millennium." They're debating whether to paint or stain the boards that Amy Wynn installed. Tim wants colour.

Hildi explains that since she can't fill in the gap left in the rug where the half-wall was removed, she's going to cut a border all around the tile that forms the entryway and install a border of six-inch slate tiles.

MPDP asks Frank which is faster: stain or paint. After 100 episodes, you'd think she'd know. Frank says it would need two coats of paint. Tim still wants paint rather than stain. Laura suggests the light green paint, which would tie in with the green paint on the wainscoting (which now looks a little more green and less blue, but not much). Frank's had it with the debate and flops down on the floor and pretends to snore. Shh! You'll wake up the viewers.

Hildi cuts the rest of the carpet.

Frank complains that he's paralyzed with boredom. Get in line, pal. Aren't we way overdue for a commercial? They all manage to agree on the pale green.

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