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Pennsylvania: Bryant Court

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Pennsylvania: Bryant Court

Ellen and Laurie paint decorations on the toy boxes.

Sewing World. Hitchcock's right in the thick of things. He must be so pissed off at his agent about this gig. Hildi tells Debbie they're going to hang curtains on the wall where the window is, and over the opening between the dining room and living room. Just plain white curtains. I would have thought she would use that twig fabric. Debbie seems happy about having more white in there.

Amy Wynn is mounting the headboards. Laurie wonders how to get the upholstered part in and Amy Wynn shows her that she hasn't secured them yet; they're just hanging on a cleat. Laurie says it will be a childproof room. Yeah, good luck with that. I'm not sure such a room's been invented.

Debbie tells Hildi that she's not too worried about her house. Hildi: "Why, 'cause Laurie's over there?" Debbie: "No, 'cause you're here!" Bwah! You know, I have to say, Hildi seems not to get her feelings hurt very easily. I think Doug would be faxing in his instructions from the nearest bar by this point if he had HOs talk to him this way. Then again, Hildi...feelings...sorry, I lost my head there.

Laurie trills and boogies while Amy Wynn works on the headboards. They gush over the zeenyas, and then Amy Wynn tells Laurie that the brackets she built for the shelves are like little flowers. Laurie squeals. God, stop with the squealing already.

Debbie closes the curtains she's just hung as Hildi arrives with a vase of forsythia. Hildi tells them to look at what she's done with the eggs: she's filled the vase with hard-boiled eggs, like people do with decorative pebbles, and then filled it with water and forsythia. Leaving aside the other issues for the moment, such as the obnoxious waste of food, it just looks stupid. It might look good to stick flowers with a strong, simple, chunky shape or silhouette in something like that, but not a branch of fussy little forsythia. Hildi asks if Scott and Debbie like them. Scott: "Mm-hm. Okay." Debbie says it's interesting. Hildi places them on the wall where the cabinet was. Now there's one of those frameless round mirrors in the middle of the wall, with a floating black shelf underneath. Hildi's careful to avoid the mirror, I note.

Amy Wynn starts placing the shelves on the brackets she made. They're sort of like what you'd get if you cut a daisy blossom into quarters: pointed petals sticking forward.

And finally it's time to load the rooms. A kitchen timer goes off next to a bowl of eggs, and MPDP says, "Everyone's done an egg-cellent job, but time's up! Will Debbie, Scott, and their daughters go zany for Laurie's flower-covered bedroom, or will they wilt at the sight of it? Will Ellen and Scott see the sunny side of their new dining room, or will Hildi have to scramble for the door with egg on her face?" Oy. Will people ever learn that almost every episode of this show is some kind of cautionary tale? The bumper to the commercial is Amy Wynn blowing compressed air into her mouth. I think she's getting addicted to that, myself. Don't be ashamed to ask for help, Amy Wynn.

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