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Pennsylvania: Bryant Court

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Pennsylvania: Bryant Court

MPDP calls in Debbie and Scott. Debbie crashes into Ellen, laughing sheepishly, as Ellen jokes that she's never talking to Debbie again. Scott and Chuckles shakes hands, as Scott claims, "I tried, man! I tried." They find out that Scott and Debbie love their room, and Ellen says, "I'm sure you do! I'm so happy that she loves her room!" She pretends to smack Debbie in the face, and says, "Look at this!" Chuckles asks, "And the black! What happened to fighting for us?" Scott says they fought: "She's tough as nails, that one!" MPDP squawks: "Now wait a minute! Thirty seconds ago you said you loved it!" Chuckles reminds her that he said he didn't like the yellow. MPDP asks if they appreciate it at all as a design. Ellen laughs: "No! There is nothing I appreciate!" She laughs, and holds up her thumbs and fingers to indicate zeroes, and reiterates her comment. She adds: "Oh my God, thank God I don't have anyone coming over!" Yeah, the room will only be seen by millions of TV viewers, and probably no one you know is watching. MPDP signs off, and the camera keeps running into the credits as Ellen asks how the light fixture is attached to the ceiling. MPDP says she's so glad Ellen's laughing. Ellen: "I'm laughing so I don't cry." Chuckles asks how Debbie and Scott like their room, and Ellen says, "I don't want to hear about it! I was up until two o'clock in the morning painting those freaking flowers on the walls, and I come home to this!" There you go: the room is one big goose egg. Somewhere, Hildi's zooming off in a cloud of dust, humming "Oeuf!...I Did It Again" to herself.

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