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Pennsylvania: Bryant Court

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Pennsylvania: Bryant Court

Hildi announces to Scott and Debbie that the dining room is "dead." I have to concur. They all agree that it needs colour. Scott thinks there needs to be something on the table. I guess he's envisioning something other than a nasty shade of maybe a nice bowl of fruit or something. Hildi says they're keeping the chairs, but that the table's going, and so is the cabinet. In a tone of voice that you would use to say something like, "Why don't we go to this restaurant tonight?" Hildi suggests making it an unconventional dining room. They're going to bring in colour, put up new window treatments, close off the dining room from the rest of the house, and put in a new table. And she's got some big-ass light fixture with which she plans to keep Amy Wynn busy. Hildi says they don't have a lot of projects, but that the ones they have are labour-intensive. They unload the room.

Laurie's walls are going to be a vibrant apple green. She says they're not going for "mamby- [sic] pamby" pastels: "We are [sic] bold, powerful colour in here, okay?" Frink: "We are not girly pastels; we are manly pastels." The headboard fabric is a plaid in soft pink, white, and apple green.

MPDP comes into the dining room and announces that the chair molding's gone, which of course, we can see, because they're sanding and patching the wall behind it. Scott thinks his neighbours might be upset about losing the chair rail. Oh, geez. This is pretty minor in the scheme of things. Hildi wonders what Newman and Ellen are expecting. Debbie doesn't know. MPDP points out that they've done things like this a lot, and wonders how they could not expect it. Beats me, MPDP. I am so tired of people who say and do whatever it takes to get on TV and then complain about the most predictable and trivial things that I could scream. Five more episodes and I might start screaming and not stop. Debbie thinks her neighbours thought they would paint a different colour below the chair rail and then a different colour above it. Oh, you mean exactly like it is now, except in a different dull combination? Oy. Hildi leans over to Debbie, who's crouching, and asks, "Did they know who was coming to dinner?" Lady, Katharine Hepburn would slap your crazy ass into the next galaxy, and don't you ever forget it. On the bumper to the commercial, MPDP practices walking, or something.

Laurie rambles that it took her forty-five minutes last night to mix the "pear green" colour. Ellen: "To match your shirt?" Laurie's shirt is an unattractive print in pink, yellow, apple green, and black. Or maybe it's brown. I don't care. Those are not the best-fitting pants I've ever seen on Laurie. What's with her clothes this season? She's all over the map. She's wearing the python mules, by the way.

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