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Pennsylvania: Bryant Court

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Pennsylvania: Bryant Court

Ellen helps Amy Wynn with the headboards.

Debbie tries to find out the rest of the colour scheme. She says it had better not be pink. MPDP says that they have a lot of demands. She starts to leave, while Hildi comments about being left to handle this on her own. Right, because MPDP should definitely catch guff for it. What? Scott says something about a "monster," but MPDP's talking too, so I can't catch it all.

Amy Wynn shows Ellen how to use the circular saw.

Hildi shows Scott the fabric they're using for the seat cushions; it's white, sparsely printed with black twigs. I don't mind it. It's kind of interesting.

Laurie tells MPDP that they're going to be painting a mural on the wall once they're done with the background colour. MPDP: "Is it gonna be your shirt?" Hee. Everybody's on to you, Laurie! She says she has another inspiration and tells them to be patient. MPDP complains about all the secrecy.

Hildi staples the twig fabric onto the chair seats. She blathers that the room's going to be elegant and mellow and unconventional. "Mellow"? Maybe I heard her wrong and she said "yellow." Scott complains that he thought it was supposed to be a darkroom. Hildi: "No." Frink thinks Scott's liable to get his fingers stapled if he keeps it up.

Laurie pencil-sketches a shape on the wall, asking, "Do y'all know what a zeenya is? A spring zeenya?" Frink contorts his eyebrows in my general direction and I say, "I think she must mean zinnias." I've never heard it pronounced any other way than "zinn-e-yas." But boy, this show is about to make up for lost time. Laurie says they are doing wonderful spring zeenyas all over her walls. It's apple, zeenya, apple, zeenya, all around the room.

Amy Wynn drills the holes for the bulbs. Hildi test-fits a bulb in. She's going to use those round clear bulbs -- you know, the "Hollywood dressing room" bulbs. I hate those bulbs. I just find them so cheesy and dated. Amy Wynn thinks it's going to look great.

The zeenyas are going to be a buttery yellow and a bubblegum pink.

Hildi's found a drop-leaf table with an elongated octagonal shape off of which she wants to cut the corners in the hope of making it elliptical. She says it will be painted the same colour as the chairs, but won't even tell Amy Wynn what the colour is. With all this buildup, it had better be frightening. Well, it's Hildi. What are the odds that it won't be?

On the bumper back in from the commercial, Amy Wynn slides her jacket off her shoulders in a faux-burlesque move. It's just...kind of incongruous. Laurie wants every flower petal outlined in white. Ellen observes that that's going to take a long time. Nothing gets by these homeowners. Laurie says "zeenyas" about five hundred more times than necessary. Ellen asks how many of the flowers they're doing. Zeenya: Warrior Princess doesn't know. It depends on her mood. Ellen thinks one is good. Man, she really is a babe in the woods.

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