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Pennsylvania: Bryant Court

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Pennsylvania: Bryant Court

Scott asks Debbie, who's painting chairs yellow, what she's doing. I guess this is his first load of the colour. Scott says, "It's a giant bumblebee, is what it's gonna be."

Laurie asks whether Ellen has done much sewing. She has not.

Scott says he thinks Ellen's going to have a heart attack, and Chuckles is going to be really pissed.

Hildi spraypaints as MPDP yammers on: "I believe it's about getting something new and something different. But the thing is that Debbie and Scott don't like it, either." Hildi, blasé as anything: "Well, they haven't told me that." Right, because they've just been on board the whole time. I don't think they've expressed enthusiasm or support for anything Hildi's done since the vague agreement that the room needed "colour" during the initial meeting. MPDP says that Debbie thinks it's going to look like a big egg yolk in the middle of the dining room. Hildi, indifferent: "She does?" Say, did you ever notice that the name "Hildi" appears in the middle of the word "childish"?

Scott: "But we fought, right? You did fight the colour?" Debbie: "No. I'm going with the flow." Scott laughs doubtfully.

MPDP says she's always more concerned when the team doesn't like it. Hildi, unconvincingly: "I know. Me too." She stops and gives MPDP a devilish sidelong glance that MPDP doesn't see. She's checking to see if MPDP bought it. MPDP: "That's all." Hildi smirks to herself and says, "I'm so worried." MPDP sputters out a laugh. Glad she's not buying it.

Chuckles and Ellen fret about not getting the zeenyas done on time. Laurie tries to convince them that they will because they're super. She apologizes for how tedious this is going to be. She says that if it's any consolation, she's actually had more tedious work in a room. Yeah, I don't see how that helps them. Neither do they.

Scott and Debbie touch up the black paint as they chat about probably not having much homework. Hildi arrives, vogues a bit, and starts to assign homework as Scott says, "Speak of the devil..." Hildi smiles, and says, "Excuse me?" Scott: "Homework queen." Debbie: "Yeah, the devil!" I wish someone would make the devil sign with their fingers at Hildi when she enters the room. Hell, I'd find it amusing if Hildi did it herself. Anyway, Hildi just laughs. She doesn't care. Remember, she designs for the space, not the homeowners. I've yet to meet a space that can pay its own bills, but maybe she only perpetrates this attitude on her non-paying clients. "Spaces" are great clients. They don't talk back. Hildi says that the room looks great and that they only have to touch it up, and finish painting the furniture. She suggests that, before Debbie and Scott go to bed, they put a coat of high-gloss polyurethane on the furniture. Just in case that yellow isn't bright enough and reflective enough, even with twelve trillion watts of light on it. Aye, Aye, Captain Nutjob!

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