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Pennsylvania: Cresheim Road

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Pennsylvania: Cresheim Road

Shout-outs to mieledio and jerseydevil.

MPDP's in Philly cheesesteak land and she couldn't be happier about it. Well, maybe she could. Hildi, Kia, and Amy Wynn are marvelling over a machine that's weaving the Trading Spaces logo in black and white. Why? We're not told. Nor is it explained why Kia is wearing what has to be her weirdest getup yet: a long-sleeved orange t-shirt underneath a zip-front black jumpsuit that has a vaguely neoprene look to it. The weirdest part (as if wearing a jumpsuit as actual fashion at this moment in time is insufficiently weird) is that the long loose sleeves are cut out over the shoulders to just below the bicep, while the garment seems to be held up by some suspender-type deal that crisscrosses in the back. You know it's bad when it requires more description than the rooms. She's also wearing some pointy-toed high-heeled boots with this getup.

The homeowners are in the yard, two of them getting pedicures from some unidentified women. Of the first pair, Lee and Gabe, Lee's the lucky guy having his feet done. God, I love a good pedicure. Lee and Gabe apparently want Lee's office "glammed up." The other couple is Amy and Michael -- he's getting the pedicure. Man. This show is just kicking the ass of stereotypes right and left, isn't it? As ever. Michael and Amy want their kitchen done. Michael has what Frink generously describes as a "very unfortunate beard." It's one of those scraggly chin bushes. Amy has bicoloured hair and tattoos. Well, we're not in McMansion Land. Thank God. MPDP harangues some purveyor of cheesesteaks about whether she can get a tofu steak. Whatever, Mippy.

Gabe -- who's wearing a t-shirt that says "Before" -- says that it's Lee's office, but that they were hoping, and I quote, "that the designer would kind of loosen up and just go nuts." Well, with Kia and Hildi on board, I can't imagine you'll be disappointed. They would love to see the designer take a risk. Is this some kind of reverse psychology thing? The room is obviously in an older house, with painted wooden floors, a radiator, three- or four-inch window and door casings with corner blocks, panelled solid wood doors, etc. It's kind of a yellowy beige colour with a beige futon sofa, a motley assortment of office desks and tables, one apparently functioning as a writing desk and another as a computer workstation. The third seems to be just a surface for files. The floor looks like a greyish brown and the curtains are more of a charcoal grey. There's some IKEA shelving (Sten). Lee and Gabe like the idea of every room in the house having its own personality and a different vibe, and the office is really bland and there's nothing they really like about it. They don't want anything too poofy or foofy. Nothing too girly. And no clowns. Uh, clowns? I don't know where that's coming from, but I certainly concur. Gabe says that the four of them have agreed that it's about the process and the experience of participating in the show, so even if they don't like the room, they're going to love it.

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