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Pennsylvania: Cresheim Road

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Pennsylvania: Cresheim Road

Kia and Lee cut out the hole for the sink in the new countertop.

Hildi's team spreads out the vinyl on the sofa seat. Hildi insists on calling it "leather." Silk purse, sow's ear, what's the diff?

Kia and Lee test-fit the sink. They're pretty close.

MPDP whines about wanting to see what the back looks like with the sofa before she leaves. Hildi and her team are busy with the bottom and point out that the thing is too heavy for MPDP to lift on her own. She pronounces the sofa "awesome" and decides to flop down on it. It seems to have almost no give whatsoever. Mmm, comfy. Careful you don't break your chin, there, Mip.

Lee and Kia set the sink into the new countertop, which is sort of a mottled, pebbly-looking laminate in dark greys. The sink fits. They exult.

Amy attaches light fixtures to the track. They rave about the track lighting.

Oh. My. God. Kia is covering the hole in the ceiling with an ivy wallpaper border. Just in a big rectangle around the ceiling fan fixture. It's the most idiotic use of a border yet. She's happy, because she didn't think she was going to be able to "get [her] border in." Gabe, inexplicably, encourages her, saying it's an "incredible solution." He adds that it looks good, and that it looks like it's intentional: "It doesn't look like it's an ad-lib at all." No, more like a bad-lib.

Michael and Amy stuff pillow covers made of wine-coloured, sequined fabric. Hildi, Liza Minnelli called and she wants her sheets back.

Gabe hangs some pots on the old trombone, which is suspended from the ceiling by two pieces of chain. Frink grumbles about the idiocy of having only two attachment points. Lee and Gabe agree that it's very precarious. Gabe decides it's okay and keeps putting hooks onto it. There are two pots on it already. When he adds the fourth hook -- just a hook, mind you, not a pot -- the whole thing falls down on their heads with a clatter. Ever notice how many of Kia's half-assed projects just suddenly up and commit suicide? Gabe gets off the ladder and throws a hook in frustration, yelling, "Fuck!"

Michael and Amy continue working on pillows. Man, pillow-stuffing is a yawn.

Gabe tries to hang the stupid trombone pot rack back up again. While four attachment points would help, the shape of this thing totally does not lend itself to that. It's a very stupid project. Didn't Amy and Michael already have a larger pot rack that was functioning just fine? I can't remember now. At this point, after sixty episodes, if you think I'm going back to check, you're high on something. Why spend money on a grotty old trombone that's hardly going to provide any storage? Seriously, I'd like to hear the answer. Gabe says he fixed it with toggle bolts. Kia heckles him from the background about how to orient the thing.

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