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Pennsylvania: Cresheim Road

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Pennsylvania: Cresheim Road

MPDP raves over the colour. Hildi really wanted to make a difference in the room and give them something outrageous. I think the one thing of which nobody could ever accuse Hildi is not making a difference in a room. MPDP says that Hildi's rooms are always outrageous but also elegant. Hildi loves the floor, and the idea of the foam tiles. MPDP agrees that it's a good idea, and hopes it lasts Lee and Gabe a long time. Hildi says that it's a sturdy foam, but that it won't last if they're in there in heels. MPDP giggles, saying she hopes they don't do that too often. MPDP mentions the sofa. Hildi says it's her favourite thing, from the fabric to the fact it's something you can do at home yourself. You know, if you're insane. MPDP says she can't imagine what you would pay for a sofa like that in a "chi-chi contemporary furniture store." Please. Hildi says that the foam was more expensive than the fabric, which was only $20. MPDP says she spent $996.14. Hildi thanks her, and asks if she can have her money back. MPDP says no, and comments that that's a weird part of the rules -- that if they go over they have to pay for it, but if they're under, they don't get the money: "We should fix that." Yeah, added incentive to spend less. That won't lead to any cheap-ass, ugly rooms. Who wouldn't want to see a $300 room by Gen?

Fast-forward sequence, and then MPDP lets Gabe and Lee open their eyes. Lee opens his first, and doesn't seem to know what to say. Gabe opens his eyes and says, "Holy shit!" Lee: "Damn!" Gabe laughs and says: "Wow! Wow!" Lee says it's amazing. Gabe says it's like "golden era Hollywood glam." They both say "damn" some more and then pronounce the sofa "amazing." They take in the "faux snakeskin" and the lighted legs. MPDP points out the mannequin head that's been placed on one of the desk shelves; everyone chortles. Seems to be some kind of inside joke. MPDP mentions the new chair, and then they all bounce up and down on the foam floor. Gabe: "Look at this colour!" Lee: "Look at the curtains." MPDP asks if they like the colour. Gabe says he does. They agree that it's a bit of shock, but Lee says it's great. MPDP calls in Michael and Amy, and everyone hugs and kisses en masse. Gabe loses his glasses. Michael and Amy rave about their room. Gabe flops on the sofa. MPDP signs off saying that the rooms are fabulous, the homeowners are fabulous, and the cast is fabulous. Yeah, everything's just fab, but nothing so much as the fact that this interminable season, for which I've written forty-nine recaps, is finally over. Now there will be the traditional twelve-minute hiatus before the start of Season Four -- which, I have to tell you, TWoP will not be recapping. Sorry guys, but with a schedule this bloated, it just costs too much to cover this one show; we could be covering three or four other shows for the same money. While I haven't loved every minute of this show, I've loved writing for you, and I hope I've risen to the challenge presented by your sharp eyes, sharper wits, and discerning tastes. If anyone needs me, I will be hiding somewhere with my copy of The Essential William Morris, trying very hard to deprogram myself. So long, and thanks for all the fishcakes!

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