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Pennsylvania: Cresheim Road

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Pennsylvania: Cresheim Road

Key swap. Apparently, both teams' houses are haunted. Well, having Kia and Hildi in them should scare the crap out of any ghosts that are hanging around.

Gabe and Lee tell Kia that they want to see a new floor. Gabe also says, "Spicy, rich." Kia says they're going to do a "spicy music thing" here. She gestures to some actual spices she's poured out on the counter and says she's found her paint colour, pointing to a little heap of turmeric. They like that. She says they're going to paint the walls and change the lighting. She tells them that they may have to hold off on the flooring because of the budget. Listen, either you've budgeted for a floor or you haven't. You probably aren't suddenly going to discover that there are several hundred dollars left over for a new floor, so just say, "Look, I'm not Vern. Would Vern be caught dead in this ridiculous jumpsuit? There's no new floor." She says, " my goodness, they need storage." They clear the room.

Hildi pulls up a small area rug as Michael and Amy run in, revealing that Gabe and Lee have spraypainted the words "WORK THOSE HEELS" on the floor. Ha! I never thought of deliberately sabotaging a room beforehand so that a designer had to do something with a particular element. If only Amy and Michael had such foresight. Then again, they probably would have ended up having a wallpaper border decoupaged onto their floor, so it's probably just as well. Hildi says that they're definitely going to be doing something to the floor -- something that's never been done before. Oh, man. Really, she needs to design window displays or hats for Ascot or something -- something where people groove on novelty and shock value for their own sakes. She'd be freaking brilliant at it. Amy and Michael want vibrant colour: "Reds...blues..." Hildi: "Maybe something in between?" So, purple, I guess. Hildi says the room is right off the master bedroom so she wants to make it more of a sitting room, despite the fact that its primary purpose seems to be as an office. But she's going to put a desk unit on one wall and an eleven-foot leather couch on the wall where the desks are now. They empty the room.

Kia comes into the kitchen to find that the guys have spread turmeric all over the counter and written "We [heart] us some Kia!" She says she couldn't get turmeric paint exactly, but got something close. She shows them the white paint for the trim first. Thank God they're painting it white. I was afraid she'd leave it brown. She opens the other can; it's sort of a muted turmeric. She paints some on the wall. The guys seem only mildly whelmed.

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