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Pennsylvania: Cresheim Road

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Pennsylvania: Cresheim Road

Lee cuts off the back half of the seat.

Hildi explains to Michael that the big piece of MDF they're standing behind is going to be the back of the sofa. Michael is wearing a t-shirt with the URL for his band's site on it, and has his hands on his hips, with his smock spread open, so everyone and their dog can read it. Very subtle and natural. Hildi's sound keeps going in and out as she talks, but unfortunately, I do hear her say that they're going to cover the sofa with pink python vinyl. They're going to cut out the back in an asymmetrical shape so as not to encumber the window. Michael likes it.

Kia talks to Amy Wynn about her projects. Kia has her working on the cabinet in the life-sized shape of a bass (viol, not guitar -- though the latter seems like it would be more appropriate for these two). The front of the bass will swing open to reveal a cabinet behind it. It's going to be a kitschen after Frank's own heart.

Michael jigsaws. Frink admires the pink flamingo in the background. Hildi says that they'll fit the eight-foot piece and the three-foot piece together with straight brackets.

Hildi and Amy are outside with what I think are Japanese barberry plants -- because I just bought one for Frink's mom last month. They have multicoloured leaves; green that turns to rose, pink, burgundy, etc. They also have thorns, and they bear red berries. It's a really pretty plant, but I don't think they're indoor plants. She's going to stick them into these big white fluted pots which will match the "flute-y" legs for the sofa.

Lee helps Amy Wynn with the bass cabinet.

It seems to be Hildi's idea to cut the barberry plants into some square topiary shape. They're neither dense nor stiff enough for that, but whatever. She thinks that if they're too skimpy, she'll get some other flower and stick it in there so she'll have a real sharp cube. I don't know how she ever expected to get a real sharp cube shape from this plant.

Amy Wynn shows Lee the drawing for the front door of the bass cabinet. Lee thinks it's cool, but from the outline, he also thinks it's a guitar. Amy Wynn explains that it's a bass, and that Kia bought real antique parts -- neck, spindle, etc. -- with which to outfit it. Lee thinks that's super-cool.

Hildi and Amy chew the fat while they chop the shrubs. Amy loves gardening and working with plants. I wonder if she's filled Hildi in on the outdoor nature of these shrubs?

Amy Wynn asks Lee whether he's frightened about Hildi doing his office. Lee admits that he is, a bit. He adds that he's also nervous about his neighbours. Amy Wynn explains more about the cabinet.

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