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Pennsylvania: Cresheim Road

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Pennsylvania: Cresheim Road

Oh, here we go. Amy Wynn teaches Amy how to use the nail gun. Amy thinks it's really cool and wants one. Me too, sister.

Gabe and Kia are outside making a tabletop for the island. She's got a bunch of sheet music that she wants to decoupage onto it. Erm, I don't know about that. Don't love decoupage. Then she's got little black music notes she's cut out of cardboard that she wants to scatter over the music. Because even though they're musicians, and even though the surface is covered with sheet music, they might not get the theme if they weren't beaten over the head with it. When she tosses those out, Gabe says, "Yikes!" Indeed. Kia quickly backpedals and says they might not use those. Gabe -- in a rare show of strong, yet tactful homeowner objection -- says, "I gotta be honest, here...they might...this [gesturing to sheet music] I think is really...tasteful and I think they're gonna be into this because it's subtle. That might...that might take it over the top."

Back to the Lair of the Pink Python. It sure is fuchsia in this room. I hate the trim painted all the same colour. It also looks to me like they're painting the window in place, meaning, painting it shut. Now, it may have already been painted shut, but that's not a good excuse for adding another layer of paint. If it wasn't, then that's just horrendous. Hildi announces, "We've almost got this room knocked out." Well, it is starting to look like a giant bruise. Amy Wynn and Amy bring in one of the side shelves for the desk.

Kia's got some tea and wants to tea-stain the sheet music to give it a "parchment effect" -- after they glue it down. I'm no decoupage nut -- as you may have surmised -- but wouldn't you colour or stain the paper before gluing it down? It doesn't seem all that bright to add a water-based stain to something you just glued down. She says they'll then seal the tabletop so that Amy and Michael can eat off it or spill water on it or whatever.

Amy Wynn explains to Hildi that MDF is incredibly heavy. After forty-umpteen shows, shouldn't Hildi know that? My almost four-year-old niece probably knows that. Geez, Kia probably knows that.

Gabe tries to gently suggest to Kia the idea of including plants, because his neighbours are "really earthy folks." Kia decides to use plants as window treatments, because it will save money.

Homework time. Hildi nags Amy Wynn to go get her tools and get cracking on installing the desk/shelving unit. She tells her team to paint the desk unit white, and touch up the walls and doors. Hildi tosses the roller in the air and catches it neatly by the handle.

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