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Pennsylvania: Tremont Drive

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Pennsylvania: Tremont Drive

Props to mosaicgirl and platformmom, the female HOs from this episode, for dropping in on our forums to give us the scoop on this episode. I think it's the first time we've ever had representation from both teams.

MPDP's in Chester, Pennsylvania, and a hell of a lot perkier than I am at this point. Fifty-eight episodes, woman! Aren't you a little bit tired? This season started when I was on vacation at the end of August last year and it's early July -- and Wing and I are still saying to each other, "Just X more episodes." I have no words for how wrong this is. Hasn't everyone in America been on this damn show by now? Who's left, people on Death Row? (That's not a suggestion for a prison spinoff, by the way. Oh God, I'm probably too late.)

We see Amy Wynn pushing a shopping cart full of Gen and Vern through a hardware store. Chris and Betsy want to redecorate their son Jacob's bedroom. He's nine, and crazy about hockey and other sports. Jacob has an extremely large white bedroom with off-white carpet. He's got a simple bedframe in silver metal (double bed, by the way, and for some reason, there's another mattress -- or maybe it's the box spring -- shoved underneath the bed) and various bright, colourful things around the room: a pup tent, pennants, a yellow desk chair, a basketball net, and a big SpongeBob SquarePants...doll? Mannequin? ["Hallowe'en costume was my guess." -- Wing Chun] There are also some more neutral items: a Papasan chair with a beige cushion and matching stool, and some unfinished Sten shelving from IKEA. There are white blinds on the windows. May I just say, this room is huge, especially for a kid? I don't think the entire main floor of my parents' house is this big, and for about six years my sister and I shared a room that was 9' x 12'. Don't even get me started on the huge snowstorms in which I had to walk to school. Jacob is the oldest and his younger brothers and all of their friends like to hang out in this room. Betsy and Chris would like to see some colour in the room, and would like there to be a place for Jacob to draw, since he enjoys that. They show a close-up of a beanbag chair that's like a giant baseball. Well, more like a giant baseball that had the crap beat out of it, since that's pretty much what all beanbag furniture looks like. Frink thinks that's cool -- more on the basis of the beanbag than the sports aspect -- which is why Frink will never, ever be picking out furniture for our house. He's always attracted to gimmick furniture: beanbags, inflatables, basket chairs that hang from the ceiling, etc. Meanwhile, I'm wandering around looking for stuff made of actual hardwood and interrogating salespeople about methods of upholstery and numbers of springs. Chris and Betsy want a room with a sports theme and one that Jacob can grow with.

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