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Pennsylvania: Tremont Drive

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Pennsylvania: Tremont Drive

Gen starts smearing the adhesive onto the Spamwood surface.

Betsy admires the pillow fabric Vern's chosen, and it's gorgeous. It's sort of a rich animal-and-foliage tapestry print in dark coppery-gold on a red background. It's linen. Love it. There's a pair for each sofa.

Gen says they don't have to get the edges of the carpet perfectly aligned because they'll be putting molding where it meets the walls.

MPDP helps Vern hang the curtains, though she starts out with them upside-down.

Gen and her team straighten and smooth the carpet.

Paige Cam. Vern is telling Betsy that he can't find any art in the whole house, and that he's never been in that position. I guess he doesn't have anything in the budget for it, either. MPDP focuses her camera on some framed art in a nearby room. Vern says that all the art is children's art, and that it's very purposefully grouped and he doesn't want to mess with that. Betsy says that she has some at her house and asks if Vern can get it. Vern: "Are you willing to donate them?" Betsy: "By all means."

Becky is applying some kind of shiny black tape across the white curtains so that it lines up with the black stripe on the wall. It lines up pretty perfectly, I must say. Gen likes this look better than blinds, and thinks the tape looks like hockey tape. Gen is opening up several folded, round paper lanterns in white and acid green. She says that the white ones were $2 and the green ones were $8 and they're going to hang them at different levels from a piece of white lattice in the highest part of the ceiling above the platform. Because nothing says "sports freak" like some lattice and paper lanterns.

Paige Cam. Vern's looking at Betsy's art and saying he doesn't think they're going to work, since there's so much blue in them, though he thinks the frames could work. MPDP urges him at least to bring them back, since it was a nice gesture on Betsy's part, and use the frames. She suggests that he just draw something.

Amy Wynn is installing the desk, which MPDP describes on the voice-over as "shortened." It's certainly pretty shallow, if that's what she means. It looks like it's all of a foot deep. That might be enough for writing a postcard, but it's not much to draw or do homework on. ["Or put a computer on." -- Wing Chun] Bill kicks the side support into place.

Betsy watches over Vern's shoulder as he uses a fat black Magic Marker to sketch some images on brownish paper with rough squares of copper leafing on them. Betsy apologizes for the inadequacy of her art; Vern explains that the art was fine, but that he just needed warmer, spicier colours. He draws a martini glass.

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