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Pennsylvania: Tremont Drive

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Pennsylvania: Tremont Drive

It's a very warm, rich-looking, appealing, adult room with nary a casket salesman in sight. Unfortunately, that wall above the sofa with the four tiny pictures does look too bare, and because of it I think the room lacks the impact that it might have had with a stronger, larger piece there, but it's an enormous improvement over the "before" and it's a wonderful room that Becky and Bill can easily embellish and expand on.

Vern says that the room was too old-fashioned and formal before. MPDP says he did great on budget: $987. What in tarnation? Has Vern ever been under that much? That's like any other designer being $100 or more under the limit. Maybe we need a new concept: "Vern dollars," like "dog years." MPDP raves about the coffee table. Vern loves it. She says that everyone's going to fall asleep on the daybed/lounge after dinner. Vern likes it because it's flexible, and he says that they couldn't afford to do a third sofa. They talk about the entertainment unit and the copper leaf. Vern says that the room tends to be dark, so he's hoping that the copper leafing and the mirror will help reflect more light.

Fast-forward sequence, and then MPDP brings in Bill and Becky, saying, "We're entering the abode of your living room." Say what? She says they can open their eyes. Bill says, "Wow!" Becky says she loves it. Bill says it's amazing. Becky loves the colours. Bill points out the coffee table, and Becky figures out that it's tile. (Remember, they can't go over and look at things, and there are probably pretty bright lights in their eyes.) She says that the sofas are gorgeous. Bill mentions the lighting, and suddenly looks up: "Hey, look at the ceiling!" MPDP explains that it's copper leaf, and that it's on the cabinet doors, too. They love it. They admire the daybed/lounger and then ask if the other team did the art. MPDP says it was a last-minute thing, and tells the story of the donated frames. Bill and Becky love the room and say they have to have a dinner party. MPDP more or less invites herself to it.

In Gen's room, the walls are acid green with a wide black and white stripe running around the room just below where the ceiling slopes on each side. She and her team have built a low platform in one end of the room and covered it with black carpet. The bed is now centred under the window, in front of white curtains with a black horizontal stripe on them that lines up with the one on the wall. The bed frame is gone, and now it's just the mattress and bedding. The comforter is white, and there are two green toss cushions and one of the Flyers cushions on it. I don't know what happened to this whole idea of having two double beds sunk into the platform, but there's no sign of that. Above the bed is the rectangular piece of lattice with four white and two green paper lanterns hanging from it. On each side of the bed are large floor cushions in orange and black and green geometric patterns. There's a narrow desk on each side of the bed (one longer than the other), and the collectible pictures are framed and propped up on them. At the end of the platform, there are off-white canvas curtains (clean dropcloths) that can be closed to separate the area from the rest of the room. They're tied with pieces of black and orange fabric that look kind of sloppy. I wish the curtains weren't off-white, since most of the other whites in the room are very stark. In the other half of the room, the Sten shelving has been painted black and is in the same location as it was before. There's an acid green area rug between it and the bed and two low Vågö chairs from IKEA in bright orange plastic with a Lack table in acid green, with a bowl of baseballs on it. Cute touch. I actually really like the colour scheme: it's hip, fun and different. I don't know how long that comforter will stay a pristine white, but I guess that's his parents' problem. It's a pretty cool room, and I think Jacob should like it a lot. I still think the lattice-and-lantern deal is a little weird, but that's a pretty minor quibble. It's one of Gen's best rooms all season.

MPDP's sure that the room is a home run or whatever sports metaphor you want to rely on. Gen says that you never know until the person sees it. MPDP asks whether the room was inspired purely by the Flyers, or just sports in general. Gen says it was based on being nine years old. She used some of the Flyers' colours and paraphernalia as a starting point. MPDP and Gen think that the bed area is really dramatic and cool. Gen thinks Jacob can grow into the room, and that it can be changed in ways so that it's still pretty cool when he's fifteen. MPDP loves the stripe. She also loves the lanterns and the jersey fabric. The close-up of one pillow shows the sheer black fabric over the orange, which on camera at least makes it looks sort of a brown colour. Gen says Jacob has brand-new desks which he can "use as a man" (huh?), and that there's a lot of space. Yes, but it's in a long thin strip -- not the most functional arrangement of desktop space. MPDP says that Gen did run over time-wise, in addition to being $10 over budget. Gen attributes a lot of that to getting suckered into buying sports paraphernalia: "But if it brings him joy for years, well...I'll pay $50 million over budget." Aw!

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