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Pennsylvania: Tremont Drive

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Pennsylvania: Tremont Drive

Fast-forward, and then MPDP brings in Jacob and his parents. Jacob flips: "Oh, my gosh!" His parents hoot. They're pretty flabbergasted, and Jacob says, "Oh, my gosh! This is so cool!" His dad points out the stripe, and the lights. Jacob notices and identifies, from across the room, the picture of Jeremy Whoever. He keeps saying how cool the room is, and MPDP points out the autographed picture of the goalie. Betsy gasps and Jacob says, "Yes! This is so cool!" Betsy starts crying as MPDP keeps pointing things out: "Those guys worked so hard!" Jacob seems genuinely excited and appreciative. MPDP calls in Bill and Becky, and Betsy hugs them both on their way into the room. When Jacob sees them he says, "Oh, my God!" as does his dad. Jacob gives Bill a hug and says he loves it. Aw. Chris asks Bill how they like their living room; Bill responds enthusiastically. Jacob waits until his mother is done hugging Becky and then hugs Becky himself, saying, "Thank you." Man, I can think of at least twenty homeowners who've been on this show who could learn some manners from Jacob. He's obviously a really sweet kid with an excellent upbringing and I hope his parents are proud of him. ["Okay, I guess you all might as well know what a total sap I am: at that moment, I choked up a little bit. Jacob was just so excited and so appreciative and polite and was a great TS moment, and don't judge me." -- Wing Chun] Chris repeats that the room is awesome. Jacob can't stop smiling. You just know he wants to run over and see about that autographed goalie picture. MPDP signs off. Nice to have an episode with good rooms and great HOs.

Two. More. Episodes. And the designers for the next two are Frank, Hildi (twice!), and Kia. What doesn't kill me makes me stronger...what doesn't kill me makes me stronger....

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