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Pennsylvania: Tremont Drive

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Pennsylvania: Tremont Drive

Vern's up on a ladder applying tiny sheets of copper leaf to the ceiling. MPDP arrives and asks if she may tell him what she thinks. Vern: "No." MPDP pleads and Vern wonders, "Why are you even asking me, because you know you're going to tell me what you think anyway?" She asks what he thinks she's going to say. Vern hems and haws and she reminds him that it's one of two things. Chris guesses, "Time?" MPDP: "Very good!"

Gen says that Becky's not too scared about anything and that there's no suspense in this show. This is true. Which is more enjoyable to watch (unless you have a mean streak), but harder to recap. Except at the end, because I don't have to comment on the forty-two things that are wrong with the rooms. Becky's worried that her neighbours will have to stay up all night. Gen says in a matter-of-fact way that they will. Becky thinks they'll hate her but that it's not her fault.

MPDP says it's a very big patch of ceiling to do this treatment on, especially upside-down. Vern says it's really easy. She says it's like he's Michelangelo or something. He says it's going fast and, as she keeps ragging on him, tells her that if she'll let him work, he'll get it done.

Becky helps Amy Wynn cut down pieces of 2 x 4 for the platform.

MPDP wants to know why he painted the ceiling red if he was going to cover it with copper leaf. He did it just so that a little of the colour would show through. That's a good idea, because otherwise you'd have bits of white showing through and that would just make it look spotty and badly done. This way it looks richer.

Becky cuts wood. She's better at it than Chris is at nailing. So take your "man tools" and stick 'em where the sun don't shine.

Chris and Betsy paint the entertainment/bar unit the dark red colour. Chris takes all the credit for building it though, when Betsy prompts him, admits that Amy Wynn "helped."

Becky brings over all the pieces she's cut to Amy Wynn, who's worrying that they might get rained on soon.

Chris explains to Betsy that he's painting some knockdown furniture, probably from IKEA, that he and Vern assembled earlier. I can't tell what it is because I can only see the back. He explains that they're going to have doors on them and will flank the piece she's painting.

Gen and Bill start painting the white stripe around the room. She explains that there will be a fat black stripe in the middle of it. Like the Flyers' logo, without the big P.

Vern and Chris work on building a lounge/daybed-type thing for the living room, to replace some of the overly formal seating that was in there.

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